What are the Effects of Running on Muscles?
Running on Muscles

What are the Effects of Running on Muscles?


Running is one of the most common exercises and there are various reasons for running. You can improve your overall health if you run regularly. Running is also linked to reducing stress. It is also a part of the game.

People who workout to get muscle usually get confuse if running helps them or not.

In this article, we will discuss running and its effects.

Effects of Running on Muscles:

Running can strengthen muscles. Especially for the lower body, it is beneficial. But it’s not as simple as we think. Various factors are involved in building lower body muscles. Duration of running and intensity of running are some of them.

By decreasing muscle protein breakdown your body will resist muscle loss and you can build your lower body muscles. Consume more protein-rich foods such as bone broth made by bone broth powder to increase the amount of protein. This will ultimately result in muscle gain.

Long-distance running can resist muscle growth. As it can increae the MPB amount in your muscles. It means to increase the intensity but run short distances.

How Muscle Building Works?

More MPS or muscle protein synthesis and less MPB or muscle protein breakdown results in muscle growth.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients and required for muscle growth. Increase the amount of protein-rich foods in your diet to increase muscle gain.

Exercises are a good way to increase muscles because high-intensity exercises stimulate MPS. While the same exercise can increase the mass of muscles or result in muscle loss. It all depends on what exercise you are doing, how are you doing and what is your diet.

For instance, if you are doing high-intensity exercise and eating a diet low in protein and other essential nutrients you will lose weight. If you are consuming nutrient-rich foods such as grass fed beef bone brothyou can increase muscles or lose weight it depends on how you exercise.

Build Muscles Through Running Workouts:

As discussed before, you can build lower body muscles by short duration and high-intensity exercise.

There are various ways of doing this exercise. You can divide them according to time or distance. You can also divide them according to your comfort and increase intensity slowly. Take rest between sets, sit down and relax. If it’s not enough you can increase the rest time to get back your breath.

To increase the intensity, you can increase the number of sets or distance. But before running must do warm-up and after running cool down and relax before doing other things. This will help you prevent injuries.

Prepare your body for the workout before the workout. Do proper warmup. You can do squats or light jogging. After workout walk at a normal pace to bring back your body to normal or do light exercise.

Importance for Nutrition:

Nutrition plays an important role in gaining or muscle loss.  MPS results in greater muscle gain. This is why it is very common to drink or eat protein-rich foods before or after the workout. We will discuss some nutrients that are required to build muscles.


Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the body. It plays a vital role in overall health, especially for muscles.

Many foods are rich in protein, especially animal food sources. Consume more protein to gain more muscles.

Poultry, dairy, meat, and beans are some good sources of protein.

Carbs and Fats:

Carbs are the main energy source for the body and they provide energy to anaerobic exercise as well.

Fats are also a great source of energy for long-distance exercises. A good amount of carbs and fats in your diet can boost muscle gain.

Fruits, starchy vegetables, and beans are some good sources to consume fats and carbs. These are not the only foods. There are various other food sources to consume carbs and fats.


Running is one of the most common exercises. Running can result in weight loss, muscle gain, or muscle loss. The results of running depends on various factors. Distance, intensity, and diet are some of them. Before doing any exercise, the warm-up is essential. After exercise, cool down your body slowly. You can end your exercise with light exercises so your body can come to the original position slowly.

Carbs, fats, protein, and some other nutrients play a vital role in loss or muscle gain.

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