Last-Mile Delivery Challenges During and Post The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Last-Mile Delivery Challenges During and Post The COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 Pandemic

The work of couriers is among the most at risk, as well as that of many other important figures in this pandemic of Coronavirus, as they must guarantee a transport service on all the territories invaded by the contagion, endangering their health. 

For these reasons, the various logistics companies have decided to implement every possible preventive measure to protect staff while continuing to provide collection and delivery service, they ask for the collaboration of all customers, who can help them, for example, by avoiding organizing deliveries to public establishments that are currently closed due to government directives.

Last mile delivery tracking software prevents them from carrying out empty deliveries allowing them to focus instead on services. These include the decision to temporarily suspend the practice of proof of delivery by signing on POS. In this way, contact between couriers and customers is minimized.

The last-mile delivery solution guarantees maximum commitment in optimally carrying out their already difficult work, made even more complicated by the national emergency situation. 

In order to guarantee an efficiency on completing all those executable shipments.

Advantages of online shopping

The fact of not being able to go out freely and send a parcel to the post office makes it even more comfortable to be able to make a shipment from the comfort of your home, waiting for the parcel to be picked up at home.

It is no coincidence that in these weeks of emergency Real-Time Delivery Tracking application has registered an increase in shipments, both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many online stores are seeing increases in orders. Only the situation must be handled with care.

It is a difficult period for the whole world, and a state of emergency has been declared in Europe since Monday, March 16. This means that radical measures can be taken, but also that social interactions must be limited as much as possible.

Due to the fact that many people avoid crowded places such as shops and supermarkets, many orders are made online. But they are done under certain conditions. Online merchants and courier companies claim that they have taken appropriate measures, adapted to the situation generated by the coronavirus along with courier dispatch software.

Precautionary measures to grow your delivery business in COVID19
The health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic is revolutionizing the lives of many people and changing entire economic sectors.

Fortunately, the logistics and freight forwarding sector did not experience major shocks. Indeed, the inability to move from home due to the quarantine has spiked the demand, especially for online shipping services.

The delivery of parcels and goods, therefore, continues regularly apart from some limits imposed by shippers, to comply with government decrees and minimize the risk of contagion.

The first change regards the fact that it is no longer mandatory to sign the package upon receipt. This decision was made because it is absolutely necessary to maintain the safety distance of at least one meter between the customer and the express courier.

Another important novelty concerns the types of parcels that can be shipped from abroad. In light of the new government decrees, in fact, it is no longer possible to send parcels weighing more than 30 kg to Europe, whether it is a real or volumetric weight. In the event that the package is still shipped, it will be sent back to the sender.

Another important aspect concerns the suspension of parcel collection and delivery services in some areas of Europe. These limitations are mainly due to the limits imposed by the regional authorities, always with a view to reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

On the company blog you will find updates on coronavirus and shipments so you can know in detail the areas in which the shipping service will not be guaranteed by each individual company.

In addition to these practical changes, there is an inevitable increase in shipping rates by the main European and international freight forwarders.

This is due to the higher costs incurred to sanitize the warehouses and means of transport, as well as to guarantee the health security of the personnel who deal with the collection and delivery on the territory.

In the face of these limitations, however, there is also a positive trend: the forced quarantine is making many Europeans appreciate the advantages of shipping online which can be easily attained with the help of last mile delivery solution.


What steps have online stores and couriers taken?

The Romanian Association of Online Stores (ARMO) and the Association of Romanian Courier Operators (AOCR) review some measures they have taken during this period. Thus, all hygiene conditions would be ensured, both for staff and customers.

Here are some steps taken during this period:

  • Warehouse operators wear masks and protective gloves;
  • Warehouses and logistics centers were equipped with non-contact thermometers to check the temperature of all employees;
  • Couriers that make home deliveries will wear masks and protective gloves where the situation requires it;
  • Couriers have been trained on how to protect themselves and how to protect customers as well;
  • The activity of the cleaning teams within the warehouses was intensified, with increased attention paid to the social areas;
  • Workspace and social spaces in warehouses and logistics centers were equipped with hand sanitizer;
  • Lockers (proximity delivery points) are disinfected before each package supply;
  • Office staff responsible for providing the technology behind e-commerce work from home.

The largest online store claims that the COVID-19 pandemic caused sales to increase by more than 10% compared to the usual period. There were higher sales for staple foods, cleaning products, and disinfectants, but also for the equipment needed for homework – computers, monitors, or tablets.

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