What Is A Good Size Tumble Track?
What Is A Good Size Tumble Track?

What Is A Good Size Tumble Track?

The most commonly used mats in the thickness of your mat are 4 inches, 8 inches, or 13 inches. For home owners, the option is between 4 or 8 inches.  8 inch mats provide higher bounce than mats of 4 inches.

How Do You Define A Tumble Track?

Tumbling, also known as power Tumbling, is a gymnastics discipline that requires participants to perform Acrobatic movements down the25-metre (82 feet) long track that is sprung. Tumbling is managed by FIG, which is the International Federation of Gymnastics, and is an activity in trampoline gymnastics.

From amateurs to professionals and gymnasts to cheerleader’s air tracks are utilized in a variety of sports to provide smooth, well-planned landings as well as liftoffs that are high.

Air track Mats: Which Size to Buy?

If you get older or more proficient, you’ll likely want something tumble track size larger than the traditional 3m x 10cm size. One option would include one of 5m 15cm Airtracks that are perfect for the skilled gymnast or an experienced Airtrack user.
The longer and more thick the Air track you select the more bounce give it. 

The longer the track and the longer it is, the more combinations of flips and jumps can you perform before running into space. However, remember that larger airtrack mats aren’t just the costlier, but they are heavy, and could be a hindrance, especially for children. What if you’d like the length of an Airtrack but aren’t able to manage it? We in Gymplay we have the answer to that issue. Double air track is the solution.

The air track mats come in thin, long inflatable rectangles However; this doesn’t mean they have the identical dimensions. It’s recommended to determine the space you’re planning for the mat to be used the most frequently and select a mat that is compatible with the smallest size.

While most items are approximately 3-foot wide you may locate some with wider choices (e.g. 5 feet wide). In addition, there are diverse lengths that range between 6 feet and 20 feet. Tumble track size 10 feet long air track mats are the most popular size. Certain mats are connected to make longer tracks.

The Perfect Format for You

The inflatable tracks typically measure between 3 and 3.5 feet wide, and have the thickness of between 4 and 8 inches. However, there are a variety of possibilities when it comes down to length. A tumble track could vary between 1.5 inches to 38 feet long.

One should measure the space that is available for gymnastics prior to making a decision on the best to track you on? It is important to consider the function of the mat as sports like yoga or martial arts will require just 4 or 5 feet of space to practice and sharpen your ability.

Other sports like gymnastics, long jumps or cheerleading require a more extensive and more robustthe air tracks because a person is required to master various skills at the same time. In addition, it’s always wiser to opt for an extra-long mat to ensure security.

How do you choose an air mat?

Think about your requirements and preferences when selecting the right air mat. Pick a mat which is easy to use and gives the proper level of comfort.


These air mats are an excellent option for gymnasts at all levels. It’s a secure and effective way to train the art of tumbling as well as other gymnastics techniques. It’s also an excellent method to increase your coordination and balance. Select an air mat that has appropriate in size and color for you. Take into consideration your preferences and needs when selecting the air tracks. Select a mat that’s easy to handle and gives the proper level of comfort.

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