5 Ways A Nighttime Guard Can Help Relieve Jaw Pain

5 Ways A Nighttime Guard Can Help Relieve Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain can be a horrible condition, and it can have dangerous consequences if you haven’t taken steps to correct it. Not only does jaw pain hinder your breathing, but it can also cause headaches and other symptoms that can make a comfortable night’s sleep impossible. However, there are options that you can take to make these symptoms disappear. Using a Teeth Night Guard Lab each night, you’ll find that your headaches and pain fade and that you can finally breathe freely.

  1. Guards Will Help With Bruxism

Bruxism is a problematic condition in which someone clenches their teeth or grinds them. When this is done, the person is unaware that it’s happening. In most cases, it is a subconscious behavior and is most commonly done while someone is sleeping. If untreated, Bruxism can generate significant amounts of force on your teeth. That can lead to losing teeth because of breaking or loosening your fillings.

If your grinding has caused your tooth enamel to be lost, you’ll have difficulty with hot foods or colder options. You can also experience these issues.

  • Sore facial muscles
  • Ear pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Tight jaw muscles can lead to a locked jaw
  • Damage to the inside of your cheeks (from chewing on them)

A night guard will alleviate the pressure on your jaw by placing it in the correct position. Additionally, you’ll find that the teeth guard will be dentist quality and fit you well. The best part, however, is that the guard is vital, so there is no way your teeth can break through it. Because you can’t grind your teeth, you’ll find that your other symptoms become far better as well.

  • A Teeth Guard Can Help Reposition Your Jaw

A teeth guard can reposition the lower jaw. Through this process, the pressure on your jaw is relieved. Because of that, you should know that your bite might change, and if this is something that occurs, you may find that your jaw begins to lean toward the correct position automatically. By repositioning the jaw in the proper position, you’ll find that your breathing is regulated, relieving part of the pain.

Another benefit to relaxing your jaw muscles is that your tongue is kept on the lower part of your mouth, allowing the teeth to come apart. That causes less pain to your jaw as it’s not held tight throughout the night.

  • Relieving Facial Muscles Can Prevent Jaw Pain

One of the issues that cause jaw pain is having sore facial muscles. This is caused by excessive teeth grinding and possible chewing inside your cheeks. After this is done repeatedly, you’ll find that your facial muscles become sore and unmovable. When this occurs, you can see that your jaw is exceptionally sore.

However, because the teeth guard will open the teeth and ensure that you’re not repeating behaviors that can crack and break your teeth, you’ll find that the facial muscles stay relaxed. As a result, you should wake in the morning with little to no pain.

  • A Teeth Guard Will Greatly Help With TMJ

Temporomandibular joint syndrome and Bruxism are both common issues with jaw pain. However, most confuse the two as being the same thing, and they are not. While Bruxism deals with clenching your teeth, TMJ refers to the problems affecting your jaw’s muscles directly. The joint is what connects your jaw to the skull itself. Injuries to this area and Bruxism are common symptoms requiring a teeth guard to be treated and cured correctly. The symptoms that will need to be treated are as follows.

  • Not being able to open your mouth widely
  • Pain around the ear, neck, shoulders, face, and jaw
  • Not being able to chew
  • Hearing a popping sound when you open or close your mouth
  • An uncomfortable bite
  • Swelling on your face (particularly the sides)
  • Lockjaw

A properly fitted night guard will help the symptoms because it immediately moves the joint into the position it should be by repositioning your mouth. Unlike a teeth guard that you would get in a drug store, a fitted guard will be of dental quality and be able to withstand any damage that your teeth can cause. However, you’ll notice that a store-bought guard can be broken by you grinding your teeth. However, a teeth guard that is custom-made and fitted will not as it is of a higher grade and quality.

  • Prevents Permanent Lock Jaw

Another reason you’ll need to get a Teeth Night Guard Lab to relieve the pain in the jaw is that if the jaw locks either temporarily or permanently, you’ll be in constant pain and other dangerous consequences like not being able to eat if you can’t open your mouth. A customized teeth guard becomes imperative because it will help your symptoms and begin to undo damage that has already done.

For instance, the more you grind at night, the more damage your jaw takes. Over time the muscles will be tight and won’t be able to loosen easily. If left untreated, surgery would be needed to fix these issues. However, with the option of a teeth guard, you stop grinding instantly, which offers your mouth the chance to heal from the damage. Your jaw will get used to being in the proper position (though you will still need the guard), and you’ll find that you can stop your teeth from breaking or losing any more enamel.

Using A Teeth Guard Will Relieve Your Pain

Sleeping at night is a time when our body recovers and heals. If you’re in pain the entire night and not sleeping properly, your body won’t be able to do this effectively. That is where a teeth guard comes in. You’ll sleep better because you’re not grinding your teeth and avoiding headaches and pains in other areas. By choosing the proper teeth guard, you’ll have a durable option that can help your mouth heal, is convenient, and will keep your jaw from bothering you.

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