Common Myths and Misconceptions About Drug Recovery Centers
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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Drug Recovery Centers

Myths and Misconceptions

There are a lot of positive aspects of attending a treatment center for your substance abuse issues. There have been decades of research into the root causes and deeper psychology of addiction, leading to groundbreaking therapies and treatments.

However, even with all of the good information we have available, there are still many myths about drug rehabs and programs.

Recovery center is at the core of many people’s sobriety. The counseling and support they receive there can oftentimes be the difference between long-term sobriety and a continual cycle of leaving rehab, relapsing, and re-entering. And negative stereotypes only serve to make that cycle more difficult to break.

So, in the spirit of educating our readers, here are 8 myths about substance abuse treatment:

Myth 1: Your Whole Life Will Have to Be Put on Hold

This is simply not true. Most facilities offer outpatient treatment which will allow you to continue with your day-to-day responsibilities while still getting the care you need.

Myth 2: All Rehabs Are the Same

Are all hospitals the same? Are all dentists the same? Are all mental health facilities the same? Absolutely not. And just like all of those, some treatment centers are high quality, some are adequate, and some are low quality.

Myth 3: Rehab Is a Quick, Temporary Fix to Your Addiction

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, rehab is the beginning of a long-term process to treat your addiction. There is no such thing as a “quick fix.”

Myth 4: You Should Only Go to a Recovery Center When You Hit Rock Bottom

This is not only a horrible misconception; it is a downright dangerous one. For many addicts, rock bottom can mean death.

Myth 5: You Should Only Go if You Are Highly Motivated

This is another misleading myth regarding what state your addiction or mental health should be in before entering rehab. The fact of the matter is that whenever you are ready to get treatment is the right time.

Myth 6: Rehab Is Only for Celebrities and Rich People

Treatment is for anyone who struggles with addiction. And with insurance, government medical assistance, as well as the many charities and nonprofits that help with this type of thing, anyone can go.

Myth 7: It Will Cost You Your Job

This one is simply an outright lie. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides protection to workers struggling with substance abuse, as long as they are willing to enter treatment.

Myth 8: Re-Entering Rehab Means You’re a Failure

On the contrary, it means that you are someone who is unwilling to give up on their sobriety, and who is ready to keep fighting as long as it takes. That’s the opposite of failure in our book.

Don’t Let Stigma Hold You Back

Too many people become statistics, simply because they didn’t understand what rehab was really about, or they let fear get in the way of getting help. If you are struggling with addiction, don’t let the misconceptions about recovery centers stand in your way any longer.

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