The best destinations for low-cost holidays in Europe

The best destinations for low-cost holidays in Europe

If you are looking for the cheapest European countries to visit, you will have to think outside the box and head for lesser-known but no less magical destinations.

If you want to bring your CBD products with you, check the countries where CBD is legal first. For more information about CBD laws in Europe, click here.

  1. Bulgaria

We begin our tour of cheap holidays in Europe by recommending a wonderful place still off the usual tourist track: Bulgaria. This country is mainly frequented by those who choose it for a cheap holiday along the Black Sea (which isn’t bad anyway!), but don’t know all its beauties. Eastern Europe is generally cheaper than Western Europe, so it is good to take advantage of it! 

  1. Romania

Romania is cheap and perfect if you love the outdoors and enjoy trekking and hiking: the Carpathians are the best! Don’t miss a visit to Brasov with the Bran Castle, Dracula’s famous 14th-century castle: if you have it on your bucket list, you’ll want to book a full-day visit, as train connections from Bucharest have a reputation for being slow, even if they are very cheap. 

Speaking of the capital, the Old Town is definitely worth seeing here and getting lost in its picturesque streets. 

  1. Montenegro

An as-yet-unknown and underrated tourist destination for those who love adventure and trying new things, we are talking about Montenegro. Actually, in the summer, the coast fills up with tourists, and if you’re visiting in July and August, it’s best to avoid towns like Budva or Herceg Novi. It’s a different story in the country’s interior, where, for example, you can visit lakes of glacial origin, such as Crno Jezero, a mountain lake surrounded by dense forest, a wonderful destination for hiking and swimming and free of charge. And for food? If you are the type who likes to taste and doesn’t look for chains and fast food everywhere, try Montenegrin specialties such as burek, a typical meat pie, which costs very little.

  1. Poland

Let’s go a little further north and travel to beautiful Poland. Its principal cities, Krakow and Warsaw, are costly, especially in the summer, so we recommend avoiding this period. The best months, however, are March and April, when it starts to get a little warmer, prices are still low, and castles and palaces that closed during the winter are reopening, often at discounted prices. Poland’s most famous destinations, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, the Wieliczka salt mine, and Schindler’s factory, are much less crowded in the off-season. Throughout the country, you will find many inexpensive or free attractions, such as the tower of the old town hall, from which there is a beautiful view of Krakow, the castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, and the ancient Bialowieza forest.

  1. Albania

Europe holds a precious secret: Albania. Recently, this country has been discovered by tourists, revealing ancient historical sites, extraordinary natural sights, and dreamy shores. Its coastline is dotted with unspoiled beaches and turquoise waters that are absolutely affordable, if not accessible. Even the most famous beach destinations, such as Dhërmi and Ksamil, host tourists worldwide and offer affordable accommodations and restaurants all year round. To save even more, avoid the summer months if you are heading to the coast and book your holiday for April, May, and early June instead. It will still be warm enough to enjoy the beach, but you will enjoy special discounts and avoid the crowds.

Travel with CBD

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