Work As Caregiver in Israel: Here's What You Need To Know
Work As Caregiver in Israel: Here's What You Need To Know

Work As Caregiver in Israel: Here’s What You Need To Know

The caregiver or caregivers are people or institutions that serve people with a certain degree of addiction. Therefore, they are fathers, mothers, children, relatives, hired or volunteer personnel.

Family caregivers refer to a group of people, 85% of women, who dedicate important daily activities to caring for objects with permanent dependency or disability. They constitute an increasingly numerous group that performs the necessary task (5 to 10% of people over 65 have limitations in personal care and mobility), which, however, is not very visible and socially recognized.

The care will be more or less prolonged depending on the person and their circumstances. Obviously, family life will have to be reorganized for a time to adapt to a new situation, either due to the arrival of the child at home or because the grandfather no longer has the same mobility that he used. due to a temporary or long-term health problem or disability of a family member.

Perhaps you are already in Israel and planning to apply for the job of caregiver, to work. Well, here’s what you need to do and go through before you could secure a job in Holy Land. Remember, the requirements will vary on which local manpower agency you’ll apply to. But, the Israel Embassy will certainly be asked for the same set of documents.

Here is the list of requirements:

  • Valid Passport – must be 3 years valid
  • Resume – with Photo
  • NBI Clearance – with both copies with clear photo and receipt (must be “Travel Abroad” 6 months validity from date of issue)
  • Birth Certificate – National Statistics Office (NSO) copy with receipt
  • Birth Certificate – Local Civil Registrar (Form 1A) copy with receipt.
  • A. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)/Singleness from NSO with receipt – for single applicant (to be processed for Red Ribbon from Department of Foreign Affairs)          B. Marriage Contract from NSO and Local Civil Registrar with receipt – for married applicants (to be processed for Red Ribbon from Department of Foreign Affairs)
  • Travel Document from Immigration Department.
  • Old Valid Identification Cards (ID’s)
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID

The first thing you are going to do if you want to work in Israel is making sure you are the right person for the job. Make sure you are 100% willing to apply as a caregiver. Remember, this is NOT an easy profession.

Once you are 100% determined, now is the time to find a legitimate recruitment agency. Beware of illegal recruiters! Ask the agency for everything you need. From accommodation fees, tuition fees, requirements, various fees, and most of all, the legality of your POEA license.

One of the most important requirements that you must obtain is your CENOMAR or marriage certificate. These documents must be certified by the DFA. Remember that legally married couples cannot work together in Israel. Israeli law does not allow couples to live together in Israel as migrant workers.

In Israel, a university degree is not required, but applicants must be at least a high school graduate, complete a nursing course, and pass the TESDA assessment and certification. According to POEA, the contract will be for a maximum of five years with a monthly salary of $1,500 or about Php 75,000.

Other benefits include health insurance and sick pay, as well as adequate living space in a home for the disabled in Israel for the duration of the job. However, hired job applicants will have to pay the airfare and processing fees themselves.

Also, note that PIBA has published new rules to allow foreign caregivers in Israel to start new temporary positions with elderly or disabled people who have a work permit, even if they are in Israel for 52 to 63 months. Under the new guidelines, the previous restriction that allowed this group of caregivers to be hired only as substitutes for overseas licensed workers has been removed until further notice and now these caregivers can be transferred to any employer before it ends. your period of 63 months. In Israel.

According to the new guidelines for caregivers in the coming month, restrictions on job registration for caregivers in Israel up to 52 months who have not been formally registered to work for more than 90 days, and the requirement that caregivers in the 52-63 months The previous group has not been unemployed for more than 30 days, it will be canceled subject to the registration of a new job through an employment agency and at the discretion of PIBA.

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