Bodybuilding Books

Bodybuilding Books
Bodybuilding Books

If you are an athlete who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve a great body, bodybuilding books can be incredibly helpful. Books are a great source of learning that never fails to show the right path towards success. Whether you want to learn about the science of nutrition or workout strategy to boost muscle growth, a good fitness book is all you need.

Here are some of the great fitness books that you must read to expand your fitness knowledge and achieve great results. 

The Shredded Chef: 125 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy

If you want to lose fat and build muscle while enjoying healthy delicious foods, you must own this book. The shredded chef is a nutrition book that offers quick and easy-to-make healthy recipes. The book also discusses helpful tips on how you should choose high-quality sources for different nutrition. . If you feel that fitness requires depriving yourself of tasty food, then this book will prove you wrong. 

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Nutrition Eric Russell Helms, Andy Morgan, Andrea Marie Valdez 

This one has to be one of the most valuable fitness books you can read. The book breaks down the principles of bodybuilding into 6 hierarchy levels. Each level offers a science-based and practical strategy to implement to reach your goal. Besides discerning facts from myths, this fitness book explains complex concepts in easy language.

The Complete Contest Prep Guide Layne Norton Ph.D., Mr. Peter Baker

This is one of the best fitness books for those preparing for a bodybuilding contest. The book provides all the basic advanced level techniques to prepare your body for the contest. The book also offers tips on nutrition and calorie balance and comes in two versions: male and female. You will also get to learn about the useful supplements and many factors affecting your contest result. 

Winning Bodybuilding A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia

Written by Dr. Franco Columbu, it’s an easy and simple book on weight training. The book will tell you simple exercise techniques and nutritional knowledge that are still effective and relevant, despite being written in the early 70s. 

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

It is one of the best fitness books you can own as a beginner on weight training. Starting strength walks you through the fundamental techniques and forms of weight lifting. It covers strength-based exercises like barbell lifting and basic squats. The book also gives detailed instructions on each exercise. It also gives an easy explanation of the physiology behind the techniques. A great illustration of each exercise will help you learn and adopt the techniques and prevent injury. 

The six-pack checklist: A step-by-step guide to shredded abs by Nate Miyaki.

If you have been having a hard time getting those sculpted abs, this fitness book can be the best solution. As you know that abs are made in the kitchen, this book can teach you to achieve that. The book offers simple training exercises to perform and a comprehensive guide on nutrition. All the myths and confusion about how much to eat, what to eat are covered in detail to set you on the right path of achieving your goals. 

Want to learn about some of the best old-school fitness books and inspiring stories of great bodybuilders in history? Follow the link for a complete list of fitness books 

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