The Perils of Having Your Dog Near Giant Waves And Under the Hot Sun!

The Perils of Having Your Dog Near Giant Waves And Under the Hot Sun!


Welcoming the New Zealand summer on a beach day out is exciting. We know some people have been planning their summer vacation, a little birdie told us! The birdie also tweeted “pet dogs are joining too”! So, quite a few dog parents have double the fun lined up!

We ask the pet parent community not to ignore what their dogs are up to on the beachside through all the recreation days. Have ample shade available plus fresh water and collapsible bowls ready to quench your thirsty pet amidst the summer heat. Now, you wouldn’t want your four-legged friend to suffer a heatstroke, do you? We don’t wish an ill fate upon your dog either, but make sure you have dog insurance Nz in place, anyway.

Your pet friend needs cheap dog insurance in the least to cover medical emergencies. So if your dog is in your prayers every day, we suggest you take this practical step in the best interests of your dog’s health. Importantly, it will help you save money in your wallet while allowing you to easily take up quality medical care for your pet.

Along with pet health insurance take some preventive measures to keep your dog guarded on your fun day out. There are potential risks to your pet’s wellbeing when your pet dog accompanies you on a hot beach day. These include:

1.  Heatstroke

This has a terrible impact on your dog and is caused by the harsh sun. You need to know that your paw friend doesn’t sweat like we humans to cool down the body. For this very reason, your paw pal’s body temperature can soar to jeopardising levels, leaving them highly vulnerable to heatstroke. Our suggestion will be to leave your humble companion inside or in a shaded yard and allow it to play by the beach only early in the morning or in the evening. Equip your dog squad with cool, shady places with access to clean water always.

2.  Sunburn

Hairless breeds and dogs with lighter-coloured fur are more easily affected by the sun’s radiation. So pop into your shopping cart dog sunscreens and shades to keep them protected. Don’t use sunscreen lotions/creams that humans use on your dog friend; they are hazardous to your delicate pet.

3.  Burning Sand

Walking barefoot on a scorchy day can burn your pet companion’s tender paws. If you don’t want your pet to hurt/blister its paw pads, don’t permit it to walk on the hot sand or buy it some canine shoes to wear.

4.  Water Currents

Some dogs know how to swim, while other dogs may not have started swimming yet. In either case, restrict your pet from going near the waves without a life vest. The strong waves may carry your pet along or under if you aren’t careful.

5.  Seaweeds

Dry seaweeds may contain toxic substances. It hardly takes a few seconds for your dog to get its paws on it and chew or gobble the seaweed. These seaweeds absorb the water content in your pet’s body, swell up, and hamper the free movement of food. It could end up a medical emergency, as your pet may need surgery to clear the blockage.

6.  Jellyfish

By any chance, if your pet dog consumes some types of jellyfish, it can suffer from inconceivable medical issues because of the poisons. It may lead to vomiting, dry eyes, acute respiratory distress, renal retention, and cardiac arrest. Your dog will need the vet’s assistance immediately.

Even though you and your fur friend are thrilled by the trip to the beach, we advise you to exercise much care and caution to make it a pleasant and memorable trip. First, purchase cheap pet insurance to keep your dog covered for unknown health perils. Dog insurance Nz helps you with top-class local medical care at affordable prices, so you don’t feel the heat of buying a policy.