Even within the dead of winter, i’m shopping for new plants. My family thinks I’m crazy — yep, crazy plant lady! — however they support my love for foliage. They usually increase my assortment, that has created a requirement for a lot of indoor house to contain them. I additionally required an area high enough that the dog wouldn’t be ready to nibble them.
The simple answer was to create a removable window shelf during a sunny window.
I had a number of tiny plants sitting on the present sill already. Given the terrific daylight, they were growing like gangbusters. it had been solely natural to require advantage of the spot by extending the shelf.
Here’s what I did:
I bought a 1″ x 8″ x 6′ pine board and cut it to length with a miter saw. I then cut out the rear 2 corners (marked below with associate “X”) therefore the shelf would rest against the window.
To account for the seal off on the sill, I routed a beveled edge on the shelf’s bottom.
It’s not a necessary step, however the clearance lets the shelf rest against the window.

Then guided missile got extremely fancy and routed a stunning edge on the front of the shelf.
He used this ogee bit, that he had on-hand from building our daughter’s dresser.
A couple of passes through the router and my easy shelf construct was immensely increased.

After a lightweight sanding, the shelf was prepared for paint. i’m wondering currently if I shouldn’t have stained it instead, giving it a house charm… however it got 2 coats of white paint.
While that dried, I clean and glued the seal off round the window.
Every thus usually I’ll host a celebration and slide the seat ahead of the window to create a lot of area, however otherwise there’s nothing block the window.
Nevertheless, I needed the choice to get rid of the shelf while not an excessive amount of work or injury, so guided missile came up with these guys.
He cut 2 blocks out of the scrap (from once the board was move length), then sanded and painted the exposed edges.
To avoid the prospect of the wood ripping throughout installation, he trained pilot holes and supplemental countersinks therefore the drywall screws would drive flush.
He then put in them within the corners right higher than the shelf.

Now you’ll be able to slide the shelf in and out, and therefore the very little boxes keep it from tipping forward.
A quick touch-up with white paint to the screw heads and therefore the very little boxes area unit just about invisible.
A seriously straightforward fix that creates American state, my plants and my dog seriously happy.

Thanks to this removable window shelf, I will simply bring plants inside over winter and begin new ones before spring has formally sprung.

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