How leverage works in forex

How leverage works in forex


Are you a trader who has just entered into the niche but still is unaware of leverage? If yes, then don’t worry as we have got you covers from all the sides.

This article will observe an in-depth discussion on leverage in the foreign exchange market and will also let you know how it works. So without wasting time any further, let us start with the article.

What is leverage in forex?

What does leverage mean in forex. The foreign exchange market includes the buying and selling exchange rates for currencies with the objective that the rate will move in the trader’s favor. The industry quotes rates as bids and asks for prices with brokers. Hence, if the investor wants to go long or purchase currency, they would be quoted the askprice. In contrast, they would be quoted the bid price when they want to sell the currency.

For example, an investor wants to purchase the Euro vs. US dollar- EUR/USD, hoping that the exchange rate of their purchased currency will rise in the future. However, they don’t have enough funds to make the purchase. Hence, they will now ask their brokerage house to grant them a loan of a certain amount for this purpose. And this loan that the broker grants is known as leverage in the forex world. 

How does leverage work in forex?

As mentioned above, leverage is essentially a loan provided to the investors from their brokerage house. Therefore, Investors and traders use leverage to enhance the profit from forex trading. 

The forex market offers the highest amount of leverage available to traders. However, some brokers may limit the amount of leverage used initially with a new trader, yet, in most cases, the traders can alter the size and amount of the trade based on the leverage they wish to obtain. 

However, remember that their brokerage house will ask you for a specific percentage of the trade’s notional amount to be held in the account as cash, known as the Initial margin.

The initial margin asked by the broker can vary based on the trade size. If investors buy $100,000 worth of EUR/USD, they might be asked to hold approximately $1,000 in the account as a margin. Hence the margin requirements would be 1 percent of 1,000/ $100,000.

Which brokerage house should I choose to obtain efficient leverage rates?

There is a very wide range of forex brokers available in the market that you can choose for the purpose. However, we suggest going to vaultmarkets

It is one of the latest brokers to enter the South African forex market that is fully legal and licensed. The firm is known for providing nominal leverage rates and transparency of operation. So, don’t forget to visit them at least once


In a nutshell, forex leverage is one of the crucial terms to consider if you plan to enter the industry. It is a form of loan that the brokers provide to investors to help them generate more profit.

You can find all of the related information in the above article. Rest, we wish you Good luck. 

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