How to Lose Weight with Normal Routine

How to Lose Weight with Normal Routine
One-dimensional euphoria

Lose Weight

The weight-loss method described below is entirely a method specific to me. It can be helpful for some, but poisonous for others. This article is dedicated to you, an active reader who reinterprets according to your purpose, environment, and situation.

I interpreted my own behavior for several months as a frame (aspirations, signals, repetitive actions, rewards) to form the habit described in “The Power of Habit”. If you want to fix bad habits yourself or want to make good habits, we recommend reading pp. 378~392 of “The Power of Habit”. If you read the whole book and apply it to your life, you will be able to increase your metacognition about yourself.

I lost weight. After becoming an adult, my general weight range is 80kg~95kg, max 105kg, min 75kg. After becoming an adult, there were 12 changes in body weight over 15 kg. From 2007 to 2019, we experienced 6 losses and 6 increases.

As a result, I am quite used to losing weight. In fact, I am confident in losing weight. If you decide, you can lose weight. However, the preparation process for eating is tighter than expected, and the process of losing weight is still painful.

There are also side effects. The confidence that you can lose weight turns into arrogance. At any time, I can control my weight, so there are times when a devil grows up in my mind to rationalize that it’s okay to eat now. This tends to be especially true when the uncertainty in life is high. Eat really ridiculous. Sweets, ice cream, soda, fruit juice, jelly, chicken. To me, the King of the End is Jelly. Jelly is eaten only when it is inexhaustible. If you look at me eating jelly, you can recognize that this is not good.

You have had 6 unwanted yo-yos. So I don’t judge myself as a good-willed person. It is very sensitive to the situation. But fortunately, through 6 weight loss, I knew how long I could last in a state of willpower. And as I read this book, I wanted to understand in detail what triggered the explosive growth of food exploration.

Habits to be eliminated:

Aspiration: Reality Oblivion

There was a common feature in the period when it began to fish. I felt that my existing life was unstable. Even if I didn’t know or knew what I wanted, I couldn’t. Cognitive dissonance occurs. I started to feel the gap between my ideal thinking and my reality.

Signal: YouTube

I watched YouTube like crazy to escape from reality. I checked every Tips on the Internet, I stayed up late at night and there was a desire for’chewable’.

Recurring Action: Buying a way to work

While working, I watched YouTube in the evening and bought some stimulating food to eat. It cost money, and my body gets worse. I was falling into a vicious circle.

Reward: One-dimensional euphoria

Refined carbohydrates instantly bring happiness to the brain. The reaction rate is also very fast, so iteration of behavior accumulates and becomes addicted to nausea.


I stopped watching YouTube before going to bed. I developed a core habit of falling asleep early. The book tells you to transform your habits in a direction that changes your repetitive behavior while leaving the signals and rewards intact. But I found another source of rewards. And the signal itself that wanted to be removed was removed. We designed our lives so that we no longer need the happiness we can get from YouTube and military stuff.

Habits to make: exercise (+ weight loss)

Eager: confidence

I gain confidence when I lose weight. ‘I have gained weight this time. Everyone says it’s hard, but I can do it.’ When these small joys accumulate, vitality develops throughout life. Even if you don’t try to decorate yourself, I think that your inner happiness is naturally expressed in action. Confidence flows into life.

Signal: Lunch time + Stiff

When it was lunch time, I went to exercise. And to work out at lunchtime, I went to work wearing a hat without my head. I have no choice but to go exercise at lunch.

Repeat action: go to the fitness center

It is located right in front of the company, and when it’s lunch time, it starts to exercise.

Reward: The joy of numbers in the early stages, praises of others in the middle

I know that I am very weak in numbers by myself. That’s why I like numeric content (even titles with numbers). I weighed once a week. Of course, I couldn’t keep my curiosity about it, but I have confirmed it in the middle. However, I tried to follow the principle of measuring only once a week as much as possible. It was a way not to be unhappy.

Now, after losing some weight (over 10kg), the weight does not change well. However, if you continue to exercise, your appearance changes. Then people around you start to recognize. Being recognized by others is very helpful in maintaining motivation. He said that he was just a little missing because he wasn’t weird. I wrote in this way and recalled my appearance at that time, so it wasn’t really lucky.

Lasting way

I am changing the kind so that the exercise does not get bored. In recent years, I often walk around the lake in front of my house. I’m thinking of doing yoga or pilates.

I record my weight every Monday morning. This is to use as a trigger that an unusual (weight gain) occurs in a number.

Other minor preferences

There is a stimulating friend. He is the great king of the shoulders and chest. The back sucks. Every time I meet, my shoulders look wider. When you ask how to do the weight, the image is attached immediately. Try it the next day.

I used it when I was full of willpower in the beginning. During the first month, I intentionally adjusted my diet. And since I was aware that I couldn’t do this diet for a lifetime, I implemented it with the restriction that I would only do it for the first month. Running with the end visible is still worthwhile.

I left 200,000 won to my friend. And one month later, if I don’t have the weight I want, I told him to go. I got the money back and bought the chair I wanted before.

Now, if I don’t exercise, I am in a very uncomfortable state. I think this proves to be a habit. However, good habits can be overwritten with bad habits at any time if you live unconsciously. I made a hard habit, but the future is a problem. It’s terrible to think about 95kg again. The loss avoidance bias mechanism works.

In the future, I will want to forget the reality through YouTube and YouTube. I do not think that escaping reality is a problem. If you live, there will be such a day. However, I think it is a problem that needs to be managed so that it is prolonged and does not increase the gap with reality. Still, it seems to have eliminated the situation of continuing one-dimensional stimulation such as stuffiness. Because I knew how to find other forms of happiness and stimulation. We found the minimum satisfaction point that we could satisfy ourselves from the inside, not the external physical stimulus. Of course, you may be gaining weight for other reasons. I’m not afraid though. I will lose weight. As always.