Why we don't succeed in dieting
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Why we don’t succeed in dieting

Succeed in dieting

I decided to lose 5kg until summer. Salad every evening. You decide to exercise for an hour in the evening. The first day was well kept. However, the next day, a promise was made. I’m on a diet, what do I do? The menu is also my favorite tooth. After thinking about it, I go to my appointment. Two pieces of chicken and a glass of beer. French fries are so delicious. After all, I can’t stand it and eat a little more than usual. I ate a salad yesterday, so it should be fine.  

Diet started. Decided to change me. The last time it was crushed, but this time it is real. But how good would it be if it were easy to change. It’s the third day of luck, and it’ll be back to me. “I was a person like this”, “I think people are immutable.” But again, I have a diet plan. 

Everyone has a desire to change themselves for a better direction. Whether it is external or internal, we have an improvement. Sometimes I want to run away even though I am tired and exhausted, but I want to live well and live happily. But why is it so hard? When I look around, everyone seems to live well. Living happiness as if you know the law. Is it really difficult because we don’t know how to live happily? 

James Clear’s The Power of Very Small Habits says that we cannot change because we don’t set goals and we don’t have motivation. The problem is the system. It is said that setting new goals is not a useless thing, but that if you are too obsessed with them, problems will arise.  

According to his book, the method to achieve the goal must follow four principles. 

  1. Make it clear
  2. Attractive, 
  3. Easy to do
  4. Satisfying . 

It must be clear

In the previous diet, for example, it was okay to set a goal and give a deadline. But the time of the evening is fluid. People do not have strong patience. Follow the behavior you used to do. If you have been liking alcoholic beverages for a long time, it is not easy just to have a heart. 

We think everything is our own decision and choice. However, most habits are also determined by the surrounding environment. I bought ice cream at a mart last summer at a price of 3,000 won for 10, like a habit. It was repeated every time I went shopping, and I always had visible ice cream on the weekends. That became a habit, so it was empty without ice cream. It was natural to gain weight after such a routine. As one habit produces results, the influence of the environment is very large. Therefore, we must decide what we want to make clear and what we can’t do in order to have a habit or to abandon it. In the case of alcoholic beverages, you should not ask to not recommend until this deadline, or you should not buy anything that gains weight. 

It must be attractive to change  

Dopamine is secreted not only during a pleasant experience but also when the experience is expected. That’s why I feel so happy when we get a text from a courier after shopping online. If you don’t like to exercise, try to do things you don’t like to do with things you like. James Clear explains that this is a temptation. For example, when watching Netflix, you can take 500 meters of water and drink until you see all the dramas, or stretch as much as the TV advertisement time. Of course, you don’t mean to cycle while watching TV at the gym. This is because the gym is the place to go for proper exercise. However, if you are too difficult to develop habits and want to develop habits in everyday life, tying temptation is effective. 

Easy to change 

Move our brains as much as possible to conserve energy. That’s why I don’t want things that put a lot of pressure on me. Everything should be easy. Even if you don’t like to exercise, let’s start by thinking about wearing leggings. And let’s start with a light exercise. We don’t want habits. You want the results that the habit creates, the more difficult it becomes to become a habit, the more you give up and go back as before. Make starting as easy as possible. 

You have to be satisfied to change

We have an immediate reward for our efforts, and it’s different when we think we’re satisfied. As I said before, it is the result that people eventually remember. Increasing the number of circles by writing a daily diet habit journal can also be a reward for achieving achievement. Also, why don’t you make the same result as a body profile? You may succeed in thinking that you will leave the most beautiful memories of your life. 

The only way to excel at something is to be attracted to the process of doing it and doing it again, and we must fall in love with boredom.  

Naturally, everything has a cause and a result. Change becomes a habit, not just a will. Habits are pieces of all our actions. Let’s take a look back at the behavior that is so obvious that we are unconscious, and let’s build a system. There must be a key there.

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