Best anonymous hosting of 2022
Best anonymous hosting of 2022

Best anonymous hosting of 2022

People looking for the best anonymous hosting to keep their data private online have a lot to do with how easily malicious people and organizations can use their data.

With anonymous hosting, you can register with a pseudonym and you don’t need an email address to register your domain. You can also usually pay with anonymous and secure crypto currency transactions.

Privacy is often considered impossible on the Internet, but if you want to stay hidden on the Internet, using an anonymous hosting provider is your best option.

We have tested over 160 hosting solutions and selected the top 7 anonymous hosting solutions that are worth the time when it comes to privacy. However, if you need more support for web hosting, check out our ratings for the best website building services or the best secure file transfer solutions.

Best ever, given that hosting providers accept decentralized currency for payments, do not require disclosure of personal information at the time of registration, and the features normally required of hosting providers such as uptime, speed, bandwidth, and disk space. Anonymous hosting providers are listed below.

The best anonymous hosting provider right now

1. Hosting is the best anonymous hosting overall

Hosting is known not only to provide web hosting for personal, small business and large business websites, but also to accept crypto currency payments. This means untraceable payments. This provider also does not require full disclosure of personal data.

Hosting has data centers in seven countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Indonesia, so you can get great performance wherever you are. You can also rest assured that you can host your website in a country where you want to protect your information.

Elsewhere, Hosting doesn’t require an identity verification process and isn’t cheap, but you can pay for additional privacy and domain protection options. Also, there is not always a daily backup.

However, Hosting offers great anonymity, along with plans starting at just $ 1.99 per month. If you need trusted hosting, put Hosting at the top of the list.

2.Accu Web-Anonymous hosting of Word Press sites.

If your Word Press site requires anonymous hosting, Accu Web (opens in a new tab) is the best option. It’s a fully managed Word Press provider, and with its vast amount of data, you can secure a lot of space without spending a lot of money.

Multi-layer Dodos protection and mitigation, Get-based version control, WP-CLI, and SSH access all contribute to efficient and secure hosting. You may be required to show identification at the time of registration, but Accu Web guarantees that this information will never be disclosed. The company has a dedicated team to ensure data security and privacy, and Accu Web uses IIS servers, ASP.NET platforms, and Microsoft SQL databases to keep your data as secure as possible.

This site accepts crypto currencies and has several data centers in regions of the world with its own security, so you can be sure that your information is secure.

3.Host Gator-Affordable Anonymous Hosting

Host Gator (opens in a new tab) has some great features that help protect your anonymity. When you register with this provider, you need to provide some information, but the domain privacy feature hides all this information from the public database and prevents other users from verifying the owner of the site.

Elsewhere, Host Gator includes weekly cloud backups, 24/7 support, and some plans also offer unlimited bandwidth and database space. It also supports all the usual web hosting features, from drag-and-drop website builders and Word Press hosting to VPS options with full root access.

Host Gator is currently not accepting crypto currency payments. This is the only drawback of this provider and we hope it will be fixed in the future.

4. Shinjiru

Offshore provider with a high level of security

Shinjiru (opens in a new tab) has been around since 2000 and is an innovative provider with a focus on privacy. Hosting websites using eight overseas locations, Shinjiru has its own Dodos protected network, virtual private server package, and operational capabilities.

Because this provider is a certified domain registrar, Shinjiru can hide identifying information from prying eyes and pay with anonymous, untraceable crypto currencies and traditional methods.

The company also offers a Strong bolt hosting package. It provides multi-site hosting, automatic migration and additional protection for websites with hidden DNS and IPS information, as well as anti-hacking tools. If you need anonymity and are willing to pay, this is the best option.

5. Cheap name

Available anonymous option

As the name suggests, this is one of the most affordable hosting providers on the market. Surprisingly, you can take advantage of the free domain privacy features included with your hosting package. Name cheap (opens in a new tab) does not require identity verification upon registration.

In addition, Name cheap can also accept crypto currency payments for free and implement DNS, VPN, and two-factor authentication for added security. You can also take out cyber insurance with Name cheap. This is ideal if you want to protect your website from the growing threat of cyber-attacks and information theft.

Name cheap implements a great set of features with great anonymity features. This is done at a surprisingly low cost. Starter hosting packages start at $1.88/month, while small business tiers start at just $4.88/month. When buying every year.

6. Master of the winds

Award winning provider with great features

Host winds (opens in a new tab) is well known for offering various web hosting packages and expanding its all-in-one programs with some impressive security features. You can pay a few dollars a month to add domain privacy to your package so people can’t see the people behind your site and the service can remain anonymous in crypto currency. Accept payments.

Elsewhere, Host winds uses SSD-based storage for speed improvements along with free SSL certificates. Websites are easy to create and maintain thanks to a clear website builder and intuitive control panel software. Unlimited bandwidth, email account and subdomain options are available and affordable.

All plans are guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and other features include spam filtering, free migration, and live chat and phone support. Hostwinds offers impressive features and a wide range of packages and options, making them ideal when you need to strike a balance between anonymity and versatility.

7. Dream Master

Reliable Secure Hosting Option

Dream Host (opens in a new tab) is one of the biggest hosting providers out there, so you can be sure you’re getting solid value, a wide range of packages, and an impressive array of features from this company. ..

The Dream Host package includes free domain protection and privacy, as well as a 3-month money-back guarantee. This means that it was a longer period than most other hosting providers and you have more time to make a decision.

Dream Host offers a rare 100% uptime guarantee and the site does not use advanced identity verification. So you can use Dream Host to register on the site and provide less information to get it elsewhere.

Dream Host’s size means they offer all sorts of standard hosting packages, and their customizable control panel is excellent, powerful, and easy to use. Unfortunately, Dream Host does not have a data center outside of the US and does not currently accept payments in crypto currencies, which is our only issue.

How to choose the best anonymous hosting for you

When trying to buy the best anonymous hosting service, there are several factors you can consider before choosing the right service for you.

Quality anonymous hosting solutions often come with domain privacy that hides your personal information. Some anonymous hosting providers offer domain privacy for free, while others make you pay for it.

Hosting providers that offer anonymous hosting services do not need to register with their real name or email address.

Also, if you’re using a credit or debit card, it’s always a good idea to choose an anonymous hosting solution that accepts crypto currencies as your payment method, as your personal data can always be stolen or stolen. To do.

How to test each anonymous hosting provider

Our reviewers test all web hosting services by signing up for and purchasing anonymous hosting plans, what each hosting provider offers to new users, and each brand navigating the panel. Test how easy it is. When it comes to anonymous hosting, we pay close attention to the amount of personal information we need to provide.

We weigh the details of what you get (and what you don’t) and rate each web host based on the quality of the features used by many customers and the clarity of the web host. The client receives an anonymous hosting package.

Knowing how important it is to choose a trusted anonymous hosting company, we ensure that each hosting provider presents their products fairly, clearly and transparently. This is easy to find in your tests by comparing the list of features offered by each company to the features you actually have access to when you start using the service.

How is anonymous hosting different from private hosting?

Private hosting is a place where hosting providers essentially hide your identity by not posting you to lists other than business partners. However, you may be exposed to insecure data, just as you would have to enter your name, address, email address, and phone number after registering your domain name in the Domain Name System (DNS).

In that case, you can opt for a paid service called private hosting that hides your data from your DNS list. This is a simple solution to protect your data from prying eyes, but in other cases anonymous hosting can help if these privacy settings aren’t sufficient.

If you need absolute anonymity, your hosting provider can provide maximum privacy, even if you pay a little more for special privacy privileges. A credit card or PayPal is required to pay for these services. It can easily include personal data such as name, address, billing address, etc. Even if you provide a fictitious name, the hosting company can see your information in the billing information.

Anonymous hosting allows you to create an account using a pseudonym and does not require you to disclose your personal information using Bit coin or another crypto currency, also known as a decentralized currency that does not disclose your personal information.

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