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Why Alcohol is a Negative Spot on the Society?

Currently, in a time of peace, but there are many families still living in a silent war with persistent suffering, as destructive power as when the whole country was in dire straits due to the destructive war, it is the war with “addicted child” in the family. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, games addiction, gambling… These addicts can be anyone, in any position: grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren…   

On the mass media, or on social networks, we are hearing, seeing, viewing, understanding a big problem, causing frustration and suffering for every family, cell of society, those are the words complain about addiction and its consequences. Society has organized alcohol rehabilitation camps, but not all families can bring their own alcohol addicts there. Even the alcohol addict has been taken to the camp, given the treatment process, but not all addicts will succeed.

In Western countries, alcoholic cirrhosis is more common in people after 55 years of age due to a higher quality of life and less impact of the accompanying minimization factors. In India, chronic liver disease and alcoholic cirrhosis are a burden of society, especially the tendency to become more and more common at younger age. People with alcoholic cirrhosis are often accompanied by severe malnutrition. The habit of drinking “vegetarian” and taking place for a long time causes severe malnutrition. In addition, in India, due to unregulated alcohol quality, unknown origin, homemade wine, and fake wine spread in the market, the concentration of aldehydes, methanol… is not controlled, easily leading to enlightenment alcohol poisoning level. That’s why there is a vast need of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

For wines of unknown origin, which are not tested for safety and quality as currently, the risk of acute poisoning from alcohol, multi-organ failure with a high risk of death is a constant concern not only for the medical industry reality but the whole society.

Why alcohol causes cirrhosis?

If using the right alcohol, it is beneficial for health. When alcohol is abused for a long time, they become toxic substances, causing liver damage to accumulate, leading to chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. However, some people who drink only in small or moderate amounts can also lead to chronic alcoholic hepatitis. In addition, people with chronic liver disease such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C or fatty liver disease due to metabolic disorders still abuse alcohol, leading to active hepatitis, impaired liver function decreases rapidly and soon appears decompensated cirrhosis.

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When alcohol enters the body, they are quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and when hungry they are absorbed faster. Over 90% of alcohol is oxidized in the liver (the rest is excreted intact through the kidneys and lungs) to convert to acetaldehyde (toxic substances) then into acetate (non-toxic product). With alcohol abuse patients, there is a large excess of acetaldehyde due to the lack of timely conversion to acetate, oxidative reactions cause a large amount of free radicals to be released, causing damage to liver cells. In addition to the lack of nutrition in this group of patients accelerated the cirrhosis process.

In order to prevent these diseases, you must care yourself or the patient properly to help him or her to give up on alcohol. The total care can only be provided in the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, where the patient will be treated with care and effective treatments.

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