What is the Best Protein for Recovery

What is the Best Protein for Recovery

Recovery proteins are available in the market in different forms. The common forms of recovery protein are protein concentrate, protein isolate, and protein hydrolysate.

Protein concentrate has around 60% to 80% protein. Protein isolate is a more processed and purified form. It contains 90% to 95% protein. Protein hydrolysate is a form that has been treated more and it contains free amino acids as well as peptides. It gets readily absorbed in the body compared to the other recovery protein forms.

Recovery proteins can be of different types based on the source of the protein. It can be an animal-based protein or a plant-based protein. Out of all these proteins, whey protein, which is animal-based, is considered one of the best recovery proteins.  

The best protein for recovery – Whey protein

Whey protein is obtained from the by-product of the cheese-making process. It also has lactose sugar which is present in the milk. However, this sugar is significantly removed in the protein isolate which is a more processed form of protein.

Experts believe that it is a complete protein because it has all the 9 essential amino acids in it. Other than that, it is also high in branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs). Studies indicate that BCCAs are very important for fast muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Whey protein is also one of the few proteins that get absorbed in the body very fast. When it is absorbed it starts promoting muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and muscle formation processes. Researchers have studied this protein vastly. Many studies conclude that whey protein helps athletes increase muscle strength and muscle recovery after a training session.

It also increases lean mass and decreases fat mass in overweight people. Therefore taking it through supplements can be very beneficial for your muscle recovery. One of the best supplements that have whey protein is ICON Recovery Whey Protein Powder.

ICON Recovery Whey Protein Powder

ICON Nutrition’s Recovery Protein Powder is an amazing combination of carbohydrates, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, electrolytes, and antioxidants. Since it contains four healthy nutrients, you will not have to worry about taking different supplements for each nutrient.

Each of its ingredients plays an important role in the body. For instance, carbs restock the glycogen levels in the body which further synthesis energy, protein boosts the recovery process, electrolytes increase the electrolyte level in the body, and antioxidants defend the body against damaging reactive bodies called free radicals.

This all-in-one supplement offers you two different flavor options; apple and raspberry flavor and lemon crush. You can choose any of them based on your taste and preferences. It has 2:1 carbs to protein ratio which is very suitable for gym-goers and athletes.

ICON Recovery Protein Powder is very pocket-friendly. It has 30 servings in each bottle (one serving is of two scoops). Add one serving of this supplement to the 500 ml water. Mix them thoroughly then gulp down the delicious yet healthy drink within 20 minutes after workout.

Do not let muscle fatigue slow you down. Have a recovery drink to restore your energy and strength again!