Reasons to Give Talk Therapy A Try

The year 2020 has got everyone into different types of stress and anxiety-related issues. People are suffering from depression, anxiety, phobias, addiction and relationship problems. COVID-19 outbreak has impacted most of the lives and left people to suffer from job loss, running out of businesses, loss of loved ones, isolation, lockdown and other reasons to suffer. People are trying different ways to cope with the situation and are struggling with loneliness. A balanced life, Balanced diet, Music therapy, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and other therapies are helping people come out of this mental trauma. Talk Therapy is something that can help people cope with anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias, and other relationship related problems. People going through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can also make the most out of Talk Therapy.

What is Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy, also known as Psychotherapy is the way of understanding the root cause of mental stress or emotional distress. Therapists use this technique to deep dive into the situation that is causing anxiety or depression in their patients.
Some issues seem complex however can be sorted easily while others seem normal but hurting you deep inside. If these issues are not talked about openly with therapists, these may cause you depression or anxiety-related severe issues in a longer run. It’s a safe place to speak your heart out and discuss the emotional feelings that are causing you daily stressors, relationship issues, a medical illness, loss & grief, or causing you specific trauma. Talk therapy can help the therapist to plan out strategies and the best possible solutions to reduce the symptoms and decrease the sensitivity of the issue.

Why Talk Therapy?

Talk Therapy is the best solution to reduce stress without going for any medication. When you need someone to put your heart in front of someone who can help you relieve stress, a Talk Therapist can help you the best. While keeping your privacy intact, a Talk Therapist can give you the best advice and solutions to come out of anxiety and depression related issues. There are different approaches and associations that can offer you Talk Therapy right from where you are. You can opt for live chat messages, calls, online sessions at your convenience and heal your emotional pain on the go.

Types of Talk Therapy

There are different types of Talk Therapies that can be availed with the proper diagnosis.

Psychodynamic Therapy: This therapy is used to dive deep into your thoughts and measure what means and motivates your life, feelings or thoughts. The client has the best trusting relationship with the therapist to speak his heart out. This is known as the main Talk Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): During this therapy, the therapist focuses on what and how you think rather than working on your actions.

Behavioural Therapy: Is best suitable to reduce self-destructive symptoms and other unsocial behaviour that may harm someone. The therapist also helps in reinforcing desirable behaviour as a cure.

Humanistic Therapy: Is an approach that accentuates the importance of being yourself. The principle is that everyone has their own way to lead the most satisfying life. It’s how you identify yours!

Holistic or Integrative Therapy: With this therapy, the therapist learns about your style of living and then suggest the best possible style of living that suits your need. This is more of changing your thought process and lifestyle to live the best.

Best Online Talk Therapies

There are several organizations and private counsellors available to offer Talk Therapy online and relieve your stress. People suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Self-Esteem, Anger, Broken Relationships, Grief, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Sleep, Addiction, and other symptoms take live or online Talk Therapy sessions to destress themselves.


Is one of the most renowned online therapy portals that offer online counselling with 14,000 plus licensed therapists through the website, mobile app and online sessions. This is the best portal to avail professional counselling at affordable rates on your own convenience. The counsellors are experienced, trained, licensed and accredited with government bodies. These online sessions work better than face-to-face therapies, especially during isolation and location situations. Try BetterHelp.


TalkSpace is one of the most trusted and effective online therapy and counselling portals that you can trust to distress your anxiety and depression. The process of signing up with TalkSpace therapy is more robust to connect with the best Talk Therapist online. The brief assessment analyzes your mental health needs and allows you to connect with the best therapists to start the therapy session right from where you are. TalkSpace allows you 24/7 access to connect to hassle-free sessions with flexible plans that suits your pocket. There are different Talk Therapists like Teen Therapists, Couple Therapists, Psychiatrists, and other online therapists for different needs. Get comprehensive online mental health treatment through Messaging, Chat, Phone Calls or video sessions.

Wrapping Up

Before you suffer the most effective symptoms of depression or anxiety, get yourself a Talk Therapy with the most experienced therapists online and distress yourself. Talk Therapy is the most effective and commonly used style of treatment. Why take medication or suffer mental trauma if things can be talked out with a specialist?