Kratom in Tennessee: How to Toss and Wash Kratom Powder Correctly?

mix and wash

Kratom in Tennessee

One of the commonest ways to consume kratom is in powder form. The leaves are dried. Their stems and fiber-like veins are removed. The dried leaves are then finely crushed to make powder. It is then packed properly to stay fresh for longer. 

You can easily buy the powdered form of kratom in Tennessee through a licensed vendor online or otherwise. One of the benefits of kratom powder is that it is absorbed quicker than kratom capsules. So you can begin to enjoy its effects faster. 

How to “toss and wash” kratom powder correctly?

Some people report choking in the powder or even puking. This usually happens among beginners. Kratom tastes bitter. So, you may not want to have the powder form of kratom the first time. If you are unable to tolerate the taste, try kratom as capsules or softgels. 

One of the reputable Tennessee kratom shops offers kratom in various forms. Choose what suits you. 

Now for those who love their kratom powders, here is the right way to toss and wash:

  • Measure the dose of powder through an appropriate apparatus.
  • Take a glass of water or your favorite juice, chocolate milk, coffee, or lemonade.
  • Put the dose of powder in your mouth. Do not inhale or gasp.
  • Take a sip of water or juice and let the powder mix in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Then swallow.
  • Wash it down with the rest of the water, juice, or milk.

Is there an alternative to the “toss and wash” method?

What if you purchased kratom powder only to find out you are unable to tolerate the taste? Worry not. You can still take the powder. Use the “mix and wash” method. 

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How to “mix and wash” kratom powder correctly?

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If the “toss and wash” method isn’t your cup of tea, to be precise, ‘cup of kratom,’ worry not, you can still use the powder form of this herb. 

As the name suggests, “mix and wash” refers to mixing the powder in your favorite juice or milk. Here’s how you do it:

  • Measure the dose of powder.
  • Take a cup or small glass. Take a portion of your favorite drink in the glass.
  • Pour the powder into the drink and mix it well with a spoon. Kratom particles are insoluble in water, so don’t expect a smooth solution.
  • Gulp this mixture in one go.
  • Now wash it down with the remaining drink in another glass.

Some people mix the powder in the entire drink. Do what suits you. The ultimate aim is to achieve the maximum effects of the herb, isn’t it? 

Many users mix kratom powder in yogurt, breakfast meals like oats, and even in cupcake recipes. Whatever you do, make sure you take only the required dose of kratom for the day. Never overdose. 

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