Keeping Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton Safe From COVID-19
Screening Of The Patients

Keeping Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton Safe From COVID-19

Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton

As life all around the world is coming back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic; the businesses are also opening up steadily and slowly. Still, they have to go a far way to reach the level of complete normality.

Steps To Ensure Safety In Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton

The businesses that are being allowed to reopen like Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton; they have to ensure that vital steps are taken to make the clinics safer for the patients and clients.

Testing Of The Staff

It is the foremost duty of the clinics to make sure that the employees and other staff members don’t have Coronavirus so that they are not a threat to others. Testing of the staff is done to be clear of the virus.

Proper Screening Of The Patients

Before letting the patients inside the pain clinic Edmonton the management has to make arrangements to screen them. Or at the time of the appointment booking give the COVID-19 Test results to make the process easy.

Availability Of Hand Hygiene Products

 It is in the regulation of the WHO that every business must have hand hygiene products at every important place; so that it is easily in reach of everyone. These most importantly include hand sanitizers, fresh wipes and other alcohol-based cleaning items.

Maintaining Social Distance

In the waiting areas of the clinic social distancing can be practiced. There should be chairs placed at a safe distance of 6 feet or marker are put on the floor for the people who are standing in a queue.

Employees Will Maintain SOPs

The physiotherapy facilities like Regenerate Physio can hire extra staff who is trained to make it their job to maintain the SOPs inside the clinic.

Masks And Gloves Are Compulsory

It should be in the policy of the clinics to make wearing the masks and gloves compulsory not only for the staff and employees but also for the patients who come for the treatment.

Maintaining Hand Hygiene As Much As Possible

As the expert physiotherapist has to touch different people coming into the clinics for treatment; maintaining hand hygiene is very crucial for the therapist. So that he/ she doesn’t spread the virus to others.

Isolation Of Employees Who Are Suspected

If the employees are showing the potential signs of Coronavirus; then it is best that you isolate them and ask to quarantine themselves. This is only until they are tested negative for the virus.

Sharing Info About COVID-19

There are several ways to share the latest info about COVID-19 with the employees and also the patients. The clinics can do this by sending details on the email addresses and through sending SMS.

Disinfect And Sanitizing The Clinics

Another step that must be taken is to disinfect, sanitize and properly clean the whole office to minimize the threat of spread.

Scheduling Appointments To Avoid Flooding Of Patients

The management of the clinic should allow only those number of patients that can easily be seated keeping in mind the social distancing.

Consultancy Through Virtual Appointment

Sometimes the patients have to only consult the physiotherapists at physiotherapy clinics Edmonton; so there is no need to visit the clinic and do a virtual appointment to be safe during the COVID-1 pandemic.

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