How long do Invisalign braces take to straighten my teeth?

When it comes to choosing an orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, everything matters. Every aspect of treatment is important to know. Cost, effectiveness, and treatment time are the main concerns of patients. Every orthodontic treatment has specific steps and timelines and some of them may take longer than the other options. The duration of your Invisalign London treatment depends on the severity of your case but some factors affect Invisalign treatment.

What is the average time for Invisalign Treatment?

Most patients complete their Invisalign treatment in a range of 6 to 18 months. In some cases, it may take a little bit longer specially in crowded teeth cases. So many factors affect the duration of Invisalign treatment, some of them are easy to control but some of them are completely out of control of us, like genetic factors.

 8 Effective factors on Invisalign Treatment duration

Several factors play a serious role in Invisalign treatment timing, that is:

  • You may need so many corrections: Invisalign braces consist of several aligners or trays that cover your teeth for about 14 days at a time. Depending on your case, your dentist needs to move or shift teeth to fix the issues. More moving means more time. So if you need new shifting or moving, you will need more aligners and more time, which lengthens your orthodontic treatment time.
  • How do you Follow the Instructions? Your dentist will give you some types of instruction and also suggestions on how to wear aligners, which type of product you should use to make the process faster and you finally achieve your desired smile.
  • Your Age. Aging is a real issue, when you become older your jawbone and gum acts differently. Most orthodontic treatments are applied during adolescence but at this age, your body is growing quickly, and making the jawbone reshaped is more challenging for your orthodontist.
  • Overall oral Health. Invisalign cannot change your daily dental care, so it is important to take care of your teeth during Invisalign treatments. Brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice a day is essential for your teeth and gum to be healthy. Healthy gum allows the teeth to be shifted accurately. So keep your mouth healthy to get the faster result.
  • Orthodontist’s Treatment Plan. Invisalign trays are designed by using 3D printers and modelling software on a computer but your dentist is the one who plans the whole Invisalign treatment, so if your dentist is experienced, you probably get the best result from Invisalign London. Every dentist has a specific dental treatment plan. Some of them may go with a harsher treatment plan that will cause faster results but it may be more painful for you.
  • Complex cases. One of the most important factors that affect Invisalign treatment is the complexity of your dental condition. If you really want to know how long does Invisalign braces take to work, it is better to take an expert look at your teeth. An experienced dentist can help you there. You may need to choose other orthodontic treatments because of the complexity of your teeth. Clear braces or conventional braces are the other choices for you. Milder cases with crowding or tooth gap issues with more cosmetic treatments get the result in the shortest time with Invisalign braces. Most of them achieve the desired smile in under 12 months. For patients who need orthopaedic treatments at the same time with orthodontic problems like overbite or underbite, the treatment will run longer than usual.
  • Dental cavities. As we said before, dental hygiene plays an important role in Invisalign treatment, so if you didn’t care that much about your teeth during the treatment, it may take more time to fix them. For example, if you develop a problem like dental cavities or a root canal, you lose some days to fix the tooth, and then you probably need more trays or time. Dental care and flossing can prevent this kind of issue and help you to get the desired result as soon as it is possible.
  • Type of braces you choose.

As we mentioned before, all of the dental issues couldn’t solve with Invisalign treatment. At smile clinic, London we offer a variety of different types of braces, metal braces or conventional is the other options for patients with severe issues. However, the duration of treatment most of the time is the same for patients. Some dental issues respond better to one treatment than the other options. Open bites can treat faster with Invisalign because they move certain teeth at specific times, which is known as staging is an important part of open bite treatment. Our dentists in the smile clinic can help you to find out the fastest solution.

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