Full vs. Partial: Which CPAP face mask is more efficient?
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Full vs. Partial: Which CPAP face mask is more efficient?

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If you have sleep apnea, finding the right CPAP mask is as essential as choosing the CPAP machine to the success of your treatment. Depending on your preferred sleep position, the right CPAP face mask will allow you to stay comfortable while remaining secure and supported. With a sleep specialist, you can find the CPAP face mask that is most effective for you.

Full face masks are ideal for back sleepers as they allow for better air absorption and are relatively complex in design. Greater complexity can make it more challenging for the wearer to remove the mask unintentionally during the night. Continuous mask use is ideal for effective treatment, making full-face CPAP masks a practical option for any individual with sleep apnea.

While choosing a CPAP mask is influenced by personal preferences, additional safety concerns exist. For instance, those with high air pressure should consider a full-face mask, given that pressurized air is passed to the nose and mouth. To learn more about total vs. partial CPAP face masks and why full options like the DreamWear Full Face Mask are ideal, continue reading.

DreamWear Full Face Masks Cause Less Pressure

Full-face masks like the DreamWear Full Face Mask are more efficient if you seldom move while sleeping and generally sleep on your back. Without ruling out any recommendations from your sleep specialist, you may typically find that full masks are more efficient given that they provide greater surface area and, as a result, place less pressure on the wearer. These masks are also ideal for back sleepers because they allow for the most efficient air seal.

Optimized Way To Receive Pressurized Air For Mouth Breathers

Another reason to consider full masks like the DreamWear Full Face Mask is their ability to provide security and support for those who breathe through their mouth. In these instances, a full-face mask is a sole option because it is the only way the sleeper will receive pressurized air via the mouth. Individuals who struggle with congestion, allergies, or frequent colds may also benefit from full face masks such as the DreamWear Full Face Mask for the same reasons.

Supports Facial Contour

Full masks like the DreamWear Full Face Mask also support facial contour, which may allow for more significant movement and comfortability for the wearer. Other types of CPAP masks are meant to cover specific areas of the face, which may lead to discomfort from the contrast of areas where the mask covers and does not cover the face. You may find it easier to adjust and relax your face muscles using a full CPAP mask.

Find Your Ideal CPAP Mask

If you’ve tried various sleep masks and are struggling to find the right fit, get in touch with a sleep specialist who can find the right fit. With professional guidance from a trusted sleep specialist, you can find the ideal full CPAP face masks like the DreamWear Full Face Mask and start an effective treatment plan for your sleep apnea. 

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