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Find out how to plan and design your new bathroom

Everyone wants to have their dream bathroom at home! However, planning, designing and creating a new bathroom or renovating your existing bathroom can sometimes turn out to be a headache since all work whether renovation or new is synonymous with dirt. , great effort and nerves and a lot of noise, but the end result, without a doubt, is worth it. Even so, today planning a new dream bathroom no longer takes such a long time, and even more so if you go to the installation and renovation service at jacobsen (Sydmarken 32b, Søborg)

How can I plan my dream bathroom?

Planning your new dream bathroom, and with the help of our installation and renovation service, can even be fun and exciting. There, our staff will help you get to the bathroom of your dreams by planning and designing it to your tastes in an effective, simple and easy way. Let our staff help you plan and build your new dream bathroom.

What steps do you need to follow to plan your bathroom?

An optimal planning of your new dream bathroom is crucial to achieve the desired final result, regardless of its size, shape, etc.

Step 1

Regardless of whether it is a new build or a renovation of your existing bathroom, it is essential to have a fully balanced balance when planning your bathroom. For this reason, it is important to examine the entire bathroom with a magnifying glass: each piece of equipment, each piece of furniture, each accessory, each wall, etc.

Step 2

The next step in planning your bathroom is to look for inspiration to get some initial ideas; to do this, you can be inspired by our website. Do you want a modern bathtub or shower? One or two sinks? A tiled floor, a PVC floor or a laminate floor? Start by getting inspired before moving on to the more detailed planning of your new dream bathroom.

It is important that you take it easy because, after all, getting the bathroom of your dreams is not a spontaneous decision to “joke”, but rather it is a process in which your wishes and demands are what first.

Step 3

Always make use of your bathroom plan when planning everything you want to include in your new dream bathroom. If you do not have the plans of the bathroom room, measure the room exactly with a magnifying glass and precision to be able to plan correctly. It is important that you do not forget the height of the room as well as the position and dimensions of the doors, windows, unevenness, plugs, baseboards, etc.

Step 4

At the time of planning, the budget you have also comes into play: the higher your budget, the more whims, in terms of technology, design and comfort, you can include in your dream bathroom. But remember: Even with smaller amounts, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the bathroom.

Step 5

To correctly plan your dream bathroom in greater detail, our staff has interior design programs where you can see the final result of your new bathroom on our website.

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