A beautiful carpet looks great in your living room and feels nice on your feet. Even the most expensive rug can at some point start to look moth-eaten or even become worn out. Rugs collect a lot of dust and dirt over the years, even if you vacuum regularly. It is therefore very important to regularly clean your carpet. However, there is absolutely no need to spend a lot of money on a dedicated Carpet cleaners. With the following tips you can do it yourself! 

Before you start

Before you start, it is important to take the following into account:

• Never rub: if you have made a stain in your carpet, it is important that it is removed as soon as possible. However, never rub the stain! This will only push the dirt deeper into the rug, making it even more difficult to get the stain out. Blotting is much better: pour lukewarm water over the stain and dab gently from the outside of the stain to the inside. • Shampoo: if water alone doesn’t help, you can try carpet shampoo. Try the product in an inconspicuous area beforehand to make sure it won’t fade or damage your rug. †

Take your time: cleaning (and drying) a rug can take an entire afternoon. So plan the cleaning well and also inform other family members about your plans.

Do-it-yourself carpet

cleaning There are many homemade remedies that you can use to clean your carpet. These products are cheap, effective and often much better for the environment than expensive chemical cleaning products.

• Salt: without a doubt, salt is the best remedy against stains caused by red wine, among other things. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the stain and let it sit for a while. Then blot the salt with a damp cloth and you will see that the stain has immediately diminished! Sometimes it may be necessary to treat a stain several times. †

Baking powder: baking soda works great against bad odors and stains in your carpet. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over your rug and spray lightly with hot water to slightly dampen the rug. Leave for several hours and then gently pat the mixture.

• Lemon, washing powder and water: do you have a white rug that hasn’t looked fresh for ages? Then make a solution of water, washing powder and lemon juice. Lemon juice, like vinegar, has a fading effect, so this remedy is only suitable for white carpets. Let the soapy water soak in for a while and voilà: you have a wonderfully fresh, white carpet again!