Bonding with Baby

Baby Moments offers you the service of getting the perfect moments of your baby which you will never forget. All mothers are curious about their baby when they are pregnant because of which they go for baby scan. There are various types of baby scans which are done in different weeks of your pregnancy to keep you updated about the sex, growth and development of your baby.

Pregnancy scan is done from 6 weeks to 14 weeks of your pregnancy. It does not reveal anything but ensures you about the condition of your baby. It gives you a quick check regarding that your baby is ongoing and is going fine. You can also see that the baby is in uterus, you can hear the heartbeat of your unborn infant and you get to know that either your pregnancy is single or multiple. Moreover, in pregnancy scan the sonographer takes the measurement of the baby and tells you the exact week of your pregnancy.

Gender scan is carried out from 18 weeks to 22 weeks of your pregnancy. In the sexing scan the sonographer detects the gender of your baby as well as points out any abnormalities in your baby. However, the gender scan may not be 100% as sometimes the sonographer cannot clearly perceive it because of certain reasons such as the position of the baby at that moment, if the baby is facing the wrong way or something else. Sexing scan is what parents preferring getting done as they want to make complete preparations of their coming baby. We provide our patients with thermal printouts which they can take home with them to have a look at the baby in the womb any time.

After 3D scan where you get to see the complete image of your baby from all sides, with latest and more advanced technology, we now offer 4D scan as well. In 3D scan you get the still image of your baby and a print out which you can take along but 4D scan is something which makes beautiful memories. 4D scans help you to see the movements of your baby in the womb. It connects you with your unborn baby and the couples get totally emotional at this moment.

You get you see your baby smiling, yawing, moving around, sucking a thumb and getting all comfy. This really is a touching moment for both the mother and father to be. This is the time from where the memories begin to be built. Mostly couples visit again for the 4D scan to experience the joy and feel all over again.

Baby moments feel proud to offer all these services as for us the smiling face of yours when you see your baby is what defines our success. We bond you with your baby and brings perfects moments in your life which you will remain cherished forever.