Zirconia Implant Bridge vs. Dentures: Which Should You Choose
Zirconia Implant Bridge vs. Dentures: Which Should You Choose

Zirconia Implant Bridge vs. Dentures: Which Should You Choose

When suffering from major dental issues or failing, missing, or damaged teeth, properly chewing, speaking, smiling, and talking becomes challenging. Fortunately, there are teeth replacement options capable of restoring your lost abilities.

A zirconia implant bridge and dentures are the two main options. Simply put, zirconia implant bridges are fixed restorations, while dentures are removable teeth.

Zirconia Implant Bridge Overview

The zirconia implant bridge is a permanent teeth replacement option that gives patients a durable, strong, and realistic teeth replacement. The zirconia replacements offer an appealing cosmetic result that lasts for years since they are made from a biocompatible material.

It has a high resistance to chewing and hence does not undergo fracturing or staining compared to other materials. The implants also have a color gazed material that you can customize to fit your natural teeth perfectly. They are also refined to give a translucent and beautiful look.

Dentures Overview

Dentures are teeth replacements that can be removed and put back into the mouth. The replacements are in two types of dentures; full and partial dentures. A full denture entails fixing teeth on the entire upper or lower jaw. A partial denture, on the other hand, replaces a single or a few teeth. 

Dentures are made from plastic, especially acrylic resin. They require a framework for support. Dentures also come in different forms. Conventional dentures are fully-removable and take several months to settle in the mouth. Teeth tissues must be allowed to heal before the dentures are fixed.

On the other hand, immediate dentures are removable replacements that you can replace the same day natural teeth are removed. Overdentures, on the other hand, are replaced over a few natural teeth to offer stability and support.

Zirconia Implant Bridge vs. Dentures: The Key Differences

Zirconia implant bridges are non-removable. They are fixed to replace natural teeth and brushed without removing them. On the other hand, dentures are removed and soaked overnight for proper cleaning. The acrylic material used to make dentures is absorbent and requires thorough cleaning.

Zirconia implants are stronger and feel more natural, just like natural teeth. They are also made from highly durable material that is stain and crack-resistant. There are no metals to hind or break to stop you from having a healthier, happier smile. Just like zirconia implants, dentures are also biocompatible with the human body, hence allergen-free.  

Zirconia implant bridges are slightly thicker than natural teeth, hence a bit heavier. However, dentures are heavier than zirconia since they are thicker to prevent breaking.

A zirconia implant bridge is also expensive compared to dentures. The materials and manufacturing costs are very high, making the implants costly compared to dentures made from cheaply available acrylics.

A zirconia bridge does not require gums to be fixed to the implant. Dentures require a framework for support.

Choose Your Best Teeth Replacement Option

A zirconia implant bridge and dentures are ideal teeth replacements that restore a person’s ability to chew, speak, talk, and smile. However, understanding the main differences between the two enables you to choose one that suits your needs.

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