Why you care about ads?
Why you care about ads?

Why you care about ads?

In digital transformation, advertising is not only about brand awareness and distribution. Advertisers and their ad technology partners can reach large and small audiences at any stage of the targeting process and serve multi-channel ads to multiple touch points. In addition to using traditional demographics and rankings, we use user or device data and contextual information to deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Advertising is heavily influenced by new technology platforms and social media trends, making it vulnerable to constant upheaval. As a marketer, you must be aware of industry trends.

As consumers shift their focus from traditional advertising to digital channels, it has become increasingly important for marketers to shift. Looking at this with an overall increase in marketing budget of 10.3% and digital marketing spending of 16.2%, we see a trend to rely more on digital advertising channels than traditional advertising options.

This data highlights the ever-changing nature of advertising and the importance of adopting appropriate marketing strategies. You can create an effective advertising campaign only if you understand how customer preferences change over time.

This article covers the following important points:

• What are your best advertising practices?

• Changes in the current advertising environment.

• Adapt to changes in the industry.

• The secret of successful advertising.

• Resources to learn more about advertising.

What is the best advertising practice?

The best advertising tactics depend on the context and continue to evolve. Here are some guidelines that can help with your advertising strategy.

In the shape of. As a marketer, you must keep up with the changing landscape. Once you have determined which platform is the most traffic intensive and the most popular among your target group, you need to quickly learn and adapt to the platform’s features and algorithms. For example, the popularity of TikTok has grown exponentially. The number of monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2021 was 1.2 billion compared to 381 million in 2019. In addition, the platform has repeatedly proven to be a powerful conversion channel, with 155% more clicks than Google ads. Instagram and Facebook at Jungle Experiences Top Media.

Turn on feedback. Your advertising method should include a feedback loop to collect important performance data and feed it into the current campaign. Create new content, publish it, track metrics, collect feedback and use it to develop future campaigns. One of the biggest benefits of non-traditional marketing tools like social media is the creation of data that enables conclusions to be drawn. This makes it easier than ever to gauge the impact of your campaign.

Instagram, for example, provides information about live streaming and video engagement. For Lille, Instagram provides data on total views, reached accounts, likes, comments, saves and shares. For live streams, you’ll find data on reached accounts, maximum concurrent viewers, comments, and shares. This is invaluable feedback on the performance and engagement rate of your current content, and you can adjust your future content accordingly.

Consider getting outside help. The best advertising methods are effective. However, to use these tools effectively, you need to know your business capabilities. Do you have the right team to create content on the new platform? Is your team savvy about data and analytics? You can give your business a competitive edge by optimizing ads with third party vendors.

The most important advantage of effective advertising is that it attracts your audience. An enthusiastic audience is more likely to buy your product and spread word of mouth about your brand to others. In particular, advertising leads to the development of viewers and has the following advantages.

• Customer acquisition. Expanding the customer base is essential for long-term revenue growth. To access new consumer segments and markets, it is important to be visibly recognizable to your brand. Advertising is a mechanism that closes the gap between your brand and your potential customers.

• Customer loyalty. The cost of acquiring a customer is often estimated to be five times the cost of retaining a customer, so it makes sense to focus on increasing customer loyalty. Understanding customer feedback and incorporating it into your campaigns is essential to building long-term relationships.

Changes in the current advertising environment

The changing landscape created by the confluence of technology and advertising certainly offers marketers many opportunities, but it also imposes certain restrictions. Navigating this space can be difficult for the following reasons:

Stand out from the crowd. Advertising is everywhere on the Internet today. Whether your customers are browsing Google, reading articles, or watching YouTube videos, you’ll see promotions and ads everywhere.

With the sheer volume of advertising, people are becoming more and more resistant to traditional digital advertising techniques. Marketers using digital advertising are facing more pressure than ever to create compelling content that stands out from the turmoil.

Disable third-party cookies. Marketers have relied on third-party cookies for decades to track website visitors and collect data about online consumers. This data is essential to improve the user experience and create targeted ads. However, privacy and data protection issues have been highlighted, scrutiny of how businesses process data has been strengthened, and regulatory frameworks have emerged to curb privacy breaches.

Apple has made changes to the iOS 14 operating system using Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) technology. Firefox also provides a high degree of tracking protection that blocks third-party cookies by default. Google controls more than 63% of the browser market and plans to phase out third-party cookies by 2023. Marketers will not be able to rely on these cookies to create consumer-level data, impairing their ability to create targeted ads.

Adapt to changes in the industry

The message is clear. Advertising for the next few years cannot be based on privacy breaches or operational tactics. Instead, successful advertisers need to create transparent, ethical ads that truly attract consumers.

I know your audience. Different technology platforms and social media channels serve different audiences. Marketers need to understand the platforms their customers use most and create ads that are compatible with the platforms they use for their ads. Unwanted advertising keeps 84% ​​of consumers away from the platform, and about 40% of baby boomers pay premium subscriptions to avoid them.

Platforms like TikTok and tools like Instagram Reels contain ads in the content itself. Unlike YouTube, TikTok and Instagram ads are not separated from the main video content. Instead, they assimilate the ad into the content itself. This organic and informal approach to advertising is the best way to attract consumers.

Content targeted advertising. Unlike targeted ads, content targeted ads do not use third-party cookies. This is to match the content of your web page with the content of your ad. This model can influence consumer purchasing decisions, taking into account the interests attracted to this website, while respecting consumer privacy.

Applying machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to advertising has provided marketers with many opportunities. These features allow you to “read” the content of your web page for effective content-targeted advertising. According to a recent study by content-targeted advertising company Gum Gum and neural analytics company SPARK Nero, ads that match the content of the base page generated 43% more neural engagement and 2.2 times more advertising recall.

The secret of successful advertising

The digital transformation in the advertising industry has created several opportunities and challenges. Reaching more audiences across multiple platforms is easier than ever today, but marketers need to be more creative as content competition intensifies and privacy concerns grow.

Essentially, successful advertising requires you to know your audience and identify the most effective platforms for delivering high-performing ads to specific target groups.

Resources to learn more about advertising

As the advertising landscape is constantly changing, brands need to regularly develop new ways to reach audiences.

Here are some advertising resources to help you improve your strategy:

• Measuring Advertising Diversity: The Geena Davis Media Gender Institute is partnering with Creative X, a creative analytics platform, to enable brands to measure the performance of all advertising content.

• Why are you interested in video advertising. While video ads are proven to be effective, engagement metrics are complex and vary from platform to platform. This is our guide.

• What you need to know about mobile game advertising. Personal consumption of mobile games reached $116 billion in 2021, up $16 billion from the previous year.

• Podcast ad spending increased in 2021. Podcasts are on the rise and are another channel for implementing multi-channel marketing strategies.

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