Why Vinyasa Yoga Classes Are Worth It? – Know Here

vinyasa yoga

If you have ever thought of taking up Vinyasa yoga, know that it improves your flexibility, stamina, and offers a great cardiovascular workout. The word Vinyasa stands for – to move with intention. This yoga style moves your body with intent by keeping your mind and body connected with your breath.

In vinyasa yoga for beginners, you use the power of breathing to transition from one pose to another with correct body alignment. Vinyasa yoga is a combination of fast-paced body postures with a focus on moving through different yoga asanas. Every Vinyasa yoga asana you practice is connected with proper inhalation and exhalation that create heat and energy in your body.

However, to get a better understanding of this style of yoga, first, it is essential you know a bit about the characteristics of Vinyasa yoga.

Characteristics Of Vinyasa Yoga

Given below are six characteristics of Vinyasa yoga;

  • Your body movement is always synchronized with your breathing.
  • Ujjayi Pranayama is the yogic technique you utilize for controlling your breath.
  • All yoga postures and sequences are repeated multiple times within a single session.
  • Your inhalations work in sync with upward body movement and exhalation with downward movements.
  • Yoga poses in Vinyasa yoga are similar to those in Ashtanga yoga. However, there is a difference in the order and variety.
  • Vinyasa yoga session provides a good cardiovascular workout to your body.

The cardiovascular benefits your body receives from daily practice of vinyasa yoga for weight loss make it the best yoga form for getting rid of extra weight. However, there is a specific way of practicing Vinyasa yoga poses. Read below to find out more.

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

Vinyasa as per a yoga class instructor refers to a particular sequence of body postures to help your body transition during the yoga class. It is the best way for you to bring back the awareness to your body, focus and align when doing a tough yoga pose.

A typical Vinyasa yoga sequence includes;

1) Downward Facing Dog

2) Plank

3) Chaturanga Dandasana

4) Upward Facing Dog

5) Downward Facing Dog

During a Vinyasa yoga class, you might hear the instructor talking about Sun Salutations. There are yoga instructors who start a vinyasa yoga class with these.

A major reason why many yoga teachers choose to start with Sun Salutations is these improve blood circulation, and strengthen your muscle and joints.

A traditional Sun Salutations sequence in Vinyasa yoga class includes;

  1. Mountain Pose
  2. Forward Fold
  3. Flat Back Forward Fold
  4. Plank
  5. Chaturanga
  6. Upward Facing Dog
  7. Downward Facing Dog
  8. Flat Back Forward Fold
  9. Forward Fold
  10. Mountain Pose

Needless to say, with so many yoga poses you might find it hard to gather the spirit to kickstart the Vinyasa yoga practice. Don’t worry, there are a few solid reasons to help you make the right decision.

3 Reasons That Make Vinyasa Yoga Worth It

Given below are three solid reasons that make joining a Vinyasa yoga class worth your time and effort.

Helps You Focus

The most commonly heard term associated with this style of yoga is vinyasa flow that you might have heard numerous times. Vinyasa flow is a style of yoga that helps you transition from one body pose to another with proper inhale and exhale.

A major reason why you should give Vinyasa yoga a try is the continuous motion during the class improves your focus. Even if you find your mind wandering off during a particular pose, the next yoga asana would help you bring it back.

Challenges Your Limits

The word Vinyasa might sound a bit relaxing and easy, this yoga style pushes your body and mind to their limits. One of the major vinyasa yoga benefits is this style incorporates numerous schools of yoga that push your flexibility and balance to the limit and beyond.

Perfect For Yoga Beginners

Since, Vinyasa yoga is diverse you can easily find a class fit for complete beginners. This is one style of yoga where you get to learn Pranayama and other yogic techniques. In short, it is the best yoga style to help you lay down a solid foundation of advancing in this sacred art.


Vinyasa yoga is one of the yoga styles that provides you variety when it comes to learning yoga. Enrolling in vinyasa yoga for beginners can help you learn and practice this yoga style in detail.