Why should you include multivitamins and Omega3 in your Daily Diet?


Modern times have changed our lives and eating habits drastically. Stress, fast-paced life, work, changed food habits have taken a toll on our health, and have given rise to nutritional deficiencies in people. Deficiency of nutrients can cause diseases, drop energy levels and can even disturb the natural rhythm of the body. This is the reason that health experts also recommend taking multivitamins along with a regular diet to fill the nutritional void and also boost the immune system of the body. 

Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are found in the retina, brain and sperm cells of the body. These are majorly found in fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, herrings, etc. and few plant sources. Multivitamin pills contain essential vitamins and minerals that are extracted from various plant sources. It is almost impractical to keep track of daily nutritional intake from diet and hence considering adding a multivitamin and omega 3 capsule in addition to the daily diet is a good idea.

In this article, we will be listing the benefits of taking multivitamins and omega 3 daily, and will also be guiding on the best supplement that is available in the market.

Benefits of adding multivitamins and Omega 3

This powerful combination offers numerous health benefits and is vital in supporting various functions of the body.

  • Improved Energy Levels

Lack of vitamins and minerals can be a significant reason for dropped energy levels, fatigue and dizziness. Adding multivitamins to your daily diet can help in boosting the energy levels and feeling recharged. 

  • Better Immunity

Multivitamin supplements contain vitamin C, D and E, which contribute to improving the immune system and help in flushing toxins out of the system. Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that reduce the damage from free radicals.

Supports Mental Development

Omega 3 Fatty acids are present in brain cells, and external intake of omega 3 is required as the body cannot produce on its own. It is proven to improve brain functioning and aids cognitive development. The EPA and DHA components of Omega 3 help to treat several neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, dementia, schizophrenia, postpartum depression, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, etc. 

Healthy Heart

Omega 3 and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, K1, Niacin and magnesium that are present in multivitamin capsules are required for optimum functioning of the heart and also proven to prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

Aids Muscle Strength

Lack of nutrients and ageing damages the muscles due to free radicals. Antioxidants that are present in multivitamins help in preventing the harm of these radicals by destroying them.

Improves Vision

Retinal photoreceptors contain DHA as a significant component. The photoreceptors are responsible for the absorption of light and transduction in the eye. Ophthalmologists recommend Omega 3 supplements to treat dry eyes and for improving vision. Also, vitamin A and E that are there in multivitamins play a vital role in supporting eye health.

Bone Health

Vitamin D and Omega 3 play a crucial role in bone health. Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium into bones and provides the required strength. The EPA and DHA (Omega 3) aid in strengthening the joints and reduce stiffness. Increasing intake of Omega 3 helps in improved bone mineral density and prevents cartilage destruction.

Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and a wide range of Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in it. Health experts advise consuming Omega 3 fatty acids to prevent various skin disorders such as dermatitis and psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil also soothe redness and minimize irritation of the skin. Also vitamins B, E and C play a significant role in promoting healthy and shiny skin and hair.

Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression occur when there is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Omega 3 and vitamin B helps in fighting their symptoms and also known to improve mood levels. 

Choosing the Right Supplement

There are various multivitamins and Omega 3 supplements that are available in the market, however, choose the one that is made by a reputed brand. TrueBasics is a trusted brand that is known for making health supplements using clinically tested ingredients and scientific formulation. Taking a multivitamin and omega 3 capsule such as TrueBasics Multivit Men comprises a unique blend of 23 vitamins and minerals, essential omega 3 fatty acids and herbs, Amino acids, antioxidants and herbs. These capsules are made to keep the overall health for men and contain vital ingredients that help brain health, reduces stress, antioxidants that destroy free radicals, herbs that help in improving virility in men.

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