Why Season 2 of Bridgerton Will Survive Without Rege-Jean Page’s Simon

Season 2 of Bridgerton

Without Rege-Simon Jean’s Basset, Duke of Hastings, the Netflix series Bridgerton would most likely survive. The highly anticipated Bridgerton season 2 is currently in development, with new episodes expected to premiere in April 2022 on Netflix. Rege is one of the most well-known characters who will not return in season two. However, played by Jean Page, Simon Basset revealed that the show shut off his character’s journey in April 2021 for the show to focus on an entirely new Bridgerton romantic story.

Julia Quinn’s equally humorous novel series served as inspiration. Bridgerton is a Netflix series set in the stressful world of Regency-era London, where debutantes are formally introduced at court at the tonne festival, a practice dating back to the historical season. Bridgerton Season 1 is about Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, and Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) having a passionate and forbidden romance, which leads to the couple marrying and having a child. The apparent completion of Simon Basset’s character’s journey hasn’t helped Bridgerton watchers feel better. They have been broken, according to reports, by Jean Page’s announcement that she will not appear in the second season of the Netflix Bridgerton series.

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Bridgerton, on the other hand, can survive even without Rege-Simon Jean’s Basset, thanks to several critical aspects that contribute to the Netflix show’s sustained success. While Jean Page is undoubtedly the show’s most well-known character, the Bridgerton plot contains a diverse cast of characters that will assure the show’s continued success. Furthermore, producer Chris Van Dusen intended Simon Basset to be a one-season character, implying that Bridgerton’s tale was designed to go beyond Jean Page’s character arc.

As enthralling as Rege-Jean Page’s Simon was in Season 1 of Bridgerton, in terms of the broader plot of the show, his character’s journey is already tremendously comprehensive. Simon and Daphne’s previously unresolved love affair is finally resolved. They marry near the end, with their first child revealed in the Bridgerton season one finale episode. Making up new stories to bring previously entirely represented people back into the storyline may detract from the many blossoming stories inside the series and make the show feel forced, even though Jean Page would surely command more viewers in Bridgerton season 2.

Bridgerton also features a diverse cast of personalities with yet-to-be-developed narratives. Eloise Bridgerton is only one example of a character whose zealous pursuit of the person responsible for Lady Whistledown will undoubtedly grow as the second season progresses. Even more painful is that Bridgerton’s Bridgerton Production team had planned for Jean Page to leave the Bridgerton cast when the character’s journey was made. On April 6, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter reported that “plans for season 2 never included his character, Simon,” highlighting the Netflix original series’ earlier thoughts of focusing on alternative Julia Quinn-inspired stories. think and explore fashion and entertainment sites.

These comments indeed refer to the reality that Bridgerton is a series of characters rather than a single character, even if that individual is as well-known as Simon Basset. Although Rege-Jean Page’s marketability will undoubtedly continue to draw attention to the series, it is an honor to notice that this Bridgerton crew has ensured that it does not come at the expense of the narrative’s quality. Although Simon, played by Jean Page, is the most well-known character from Bridgerton’s first season, the Netflix original is fine without him in season 2.