Why is the UK the most depressing place to live?


The ratings from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) area the United Kingdom in joint seventh area for adults reporting they have got melancholy out of 25 international locations from throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The records additionally confirmed ladies are much more likely to record the situation than men. Britain got here in joint seventh area with Sweden and Luxembourg with 10 in line with cent of 25 to 64-year-olds reporting to have melancholy . The figures from 2014, additionally noticed the United Kingdom percent as extra than double different international locations such as Greece, Italy, Poland and the Slovak Republic and a pair of in line with cent better than the common of 8 per cent.

The statistics..

First area withinside the ratings became given to Iceland with 14 per cent of human beings reporting to have melancholy and Ireland, Germany, and Turkey all coming in second area with 12 per cent. The OECD analysed records from European fitness interview survey consequences and different country wide surveys throughout the world. Among British human beings the prices of melancholy variety from 15 per cent for folks who left college after sitting GCSEs, even though they fall to 7 per cent of university-degree knowledgeable adults. Women have been much more likely to record melancholy at eleven in line with cent as compared to 8 per cent of men. The common throughout all 25 ranked international locations became 10 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.

  1. Iceland (14)
  2. Ireland (12)
  3. Germany (12)
  4. Turkey (12)
  5. Finland (11)
  6. Portugal (11)
  7. United Kingdom (10)
  8. Sweden (10)
  9. Luxembourg (10)
  10. Netherlands (9)
  11. Latvia (9)
  12. Austria (8)
  13. Denmark (8)
  14. Norway (8)
  15. Slovenia (8)
  16. Austria (8)
  17. Belgium (7)
  18. Spain (7)
  19. France (6)
  20. Estonia (5)
  21. Czech Republic (4)
  22. Greece (4)
  23. Italy (4)
  24. Poland (4)
  25. Slovak Republic (4)

So which components of the United Kingdom are the most depressed?

It appears that. Birmingham and. London are one of the least depressed locations to stay in England, assuming that everybody with melancholy seeks a few shape of drugs for his or her melancholy. Unfortunately facts for the relaxation of the United Kingdom has now no longer been compiled into such an smooth to peer map yet. Health offerings with inside the. UK are devolved, because of this that the. NHS in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all special in investment and direction. For example in Scotland. Unfastened hospital therapy approach that sufferers aren’t predicted to pay for his or her medicine, even as in.Wales, despite the fact that prescriptions are unfastened, a few sufferers are refused life-saving surgical operation in the event that they can’t pay lots of pounds for treatment. Northern Ireland has been defined as “woefully inadequate”. In phrases of intellectual fitness offerings, with a far better example of. PTSD than the relaxation of the United Kingdom. Dr Deirdre Heenan, a University of Ulster instructional and fitness professional who became commissioned in 2011 designated that: “Research achieved through Ulster University concluded that there has been a totally excessive degree of conflict-associated trauma publicity with related intellectual fitness implications and huge financial consequences.


But at gift intellectual fitness offerings are woefully inadequate, disjointed and reactive in place of proactive,” she stated. In a separate report, co-written through fellow University of Ulster instructional. Colin Anderson, Heenan stated Northern. Ireland had 25% extra humans with intellectual fitness troubles than England and Scotland. “There is a clean hyperlink among intellectual fitness and social and financial problems in. Northern Ireland, and deprivation is a key variable dictating the diploma to which the. Troubles influences on people and communities,”. However, the maximum “depressing” towns had been compiled for the. United Kingdom recently, which confirmed. Edinburgh because the maximum depressing metropolis with inside the UK.

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