With the rise of the e-cigarettes, many people have decided to quit smoking and start vaping journey.   Health experts applauded e-cigarettes as a cleaner and safer alternative to smoking. vaping doesn’t contain nearly as many cancer-causing and unhealthy ingredients as cigarettes. However, the debate on whether vaping is healthier than smoking is still going on.  Indeed, there are multiple premium vape juice ingredients you should avoid. You need to make sure that the product you buy is good for your health.  So, here is the guide for you to know about what e-liquid consists of and which vape juice ingredients to avoid.


 E-juice contains base ingredients. propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin make the base ingredients. These base ingredients are then mixed with natural or artificial flavors like cherry, grape, mint and even tobacco. This mixture of the base and flavoring offers satisfying experience for the vapers. Some of the flavors have other ingredients too. However, are these ingredients safe for vapers? To find out more information about e-juice let’s look at these ingredients more closely. So, a good vape juice in UK do contain these ingredients.


Propylene glycol

It is a non-toxic element that provides better taste and flavor to the e-liquids. It is used in food coloring and as an additive in different medicines. This chemical is also used to create fog in fog machines and antifreeze. Pg is either used on its own in vape liquids or with Vegetable Glycerin to create smooth vape. However, some people experience an allergic reaction to PG like tingling sensation in the throat and/or irritation elsewhere on the body. If this does occur, you should opt for a VG-based e-liquid. But, apart from allergic reactions, studies show that PG and VG are considered “safe” ingredients in vape.

 Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is safe for consumption. Due to its thick consistency, it is used to increase the density of the e-liquids. But, 100% vg is very thick. So, it is used with Propylene Glycol for a better vaping experience.

Though vg is completely harmless, you are advised to be cautious if you use a vape liquid for the first time. Avoid using if you have an existing allergy to VG. If you get any allergic reaction like sore and tingling throat or irritation on the body consult a physician and opt for a non-VG-based-e-liquid.



This ingredient is an additive used in food products to give a creamy and buttery flavor. The testing of Diketones in food products is mandatory. However, the laws do not prohibit the use of the ingredient in e-juice and other inhaling products. Most of the manufacturers may also not reveal information about using diketones in their products. That is why it is difficult to find the correct information about the e-liquids that are diketone-free. 

But there is another reason why you won’t find the word ‘diketone’ on the label of your e-liquid. Diketone is not only one chemical, but instead, It is basically a set of chemicals that make this chemical like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.


Diacetyl is a very harmful substance. It was used as an additive to create a flavor of butter in the microwave popcorn. It was discovered in the 1990s that a few workers in the popcorn factory contracted bronchiolitis after inhaling high amounts of it for a long time. Even though we know that diacetyl causes lung disease, this chemical is found in many e-cigarette flavors. So, you need to aware of the fact that e-liquid with Diacetyl in it can cause serious health issues.

Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin

The other diketones, namely, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin are not as harmful Diacetyl itself. The use of these chemicals was started as a safer alternative to the diacetyl after the incident of the popcorn factory. It is discovered that Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin also increases the rate of the chemical reaction of diacetyl. This catalytic effect of acetyl propionyl and acetoin can take place even when a person is vaping.

Presently, there is a lack of concrete evidence regarding the harmful side effects of these two substances. However, it is advisable to avoid these two ingredients during buying e-juice.


E-cigarettes contain nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings, and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale whereas, regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals and many of which are toxic. Many e-juice manufacturers have removed the diketones from their flavors for the safety of the consumers. In fact, organic e-liquids are also available in the market. Organic e-liquid is made with100% Vegetable Glycol and it must be100% free from Propylene glycerin. Smoking an e-cigarette is hazardous to health. However, if Diketones free e-liquid is bought then vaping is a better alternative to smoking.

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