Which car wash method is best for your vehicle?

Currently there are several ways to wash your car, however, not all of them are good for your vehicle and can even damage the paint. It is important that you know what is the best way to keep your car clean.

Not all car washes use the same method or products and it is best to know the pros and cons of each.

1. Hand wash

According to detail experts, the safest way to wash your car is by hand. This type of washing requires a good amount of time, a variety of products and tools to do a good job.


Minimizes scratching

Can eliminate heavy contamination


More than other methods

More expensive than automatic car washes

Requires more equipment than other methods

Difficult to do in colder temperatures

2. Washing without water

A waterless wash uses only a spray product and several microfiber towels. You just have to spray the surface with the special waterless washing product and then wipe with another microfiber towel.


It does not take as long as washing by hand

It can be done with limited space.

It only requires a washing product without water and microfiber towels.

It does not use water


More possibilities of scratching the paint

It does not clean intense dirt

It is not a detailed wash

3. Wash without rinsing

A rinse-free wash is different from a waterless wash. In a way, it’s kind of a hybrid between a hand wash and a waterless wash. With a no-rinse wash, you’ll take a small amount of your no-rinse laundry product and mix it into a bucket of water. However, it will not foam, so rinsing is not necessary. All you need to do once you’ve washed an area is wipe it down with another rag to dry.


It can be faster than washing by hand

It requires less water than washing by hand

It requires less equipment than washing by hand

It can be done with limited space.

The car is less likely to be scratched compared to a wash without water


More likely to scratch the car than a hand wash

Cannot remove heavy soils

Wash your car, step by step

Start with the dirtiest parts of the car, like the door sills and the trunk. Be sure to thoroughly clean the rubber seals with the renovator as these will attract dust.

For car seals, mirrors, and general plastics, use the nail brush and renovator.

To cleanse the body, prepare a bucket of warm water mixed with shampoo (or dishwashing liquid). Next, wet your car with a jet of water or, better yet, with hot water that will remove dust and grease.

Wipe the body with a cloth or sponge without a scraper, starting with the roof and windshield. Feel free to use several sponges depending on the parts to be cleaned. In fact, if you rub the body with a dust-laden sponge, it will scratch it.

Finally, finish with the chassis and cross members. To remove mosquitoes and other bugs trapped in the car, simply use a low nylon instead of a sponge and everything will come off easily.

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