What Things to consider in Competitions of kids
What Things to consider in Competitions of kids

What Things to consider in Competitions of kids

More and more institutions, foundations, associations, and companies like konkursy are committed to organizing competitions of all kinds for children. These initiatives are significant for kids to show the world their creativity and motivation to grow, whether they have already shown interest in some discipline or need a stimulus that excites them.

It’s not about targeting them to win or even to compete. It is about them exploiting and developing their imagination, creativity, and talent to be polished; so that they meet other people with the same concerns; ultimately, they are a little happier.

Competitions for Children can be held at home or anywhere else. It is generally believed that fun games, quizzes, and comic contests are only suitable for preschool holidays, but this is different. And older children are happy to participate in contests if the games are selected according to their age. A correctly selected script with contests, even at 14-16 years old, is the key to a fun and memorable holiday on konkursy.


It is best to hold this contest on a chill. It is fun and not forced.

The presenter announces:

“It is necessary for everyone to give the kid their most beautiful smile.”

The children will immediately start smiling, and then the presenter announces that it’s too easy and everyone can smile like this. The host then brings out a plate of lemon slices. Children need everyone to pick up a lemon, put it in their mouths, chew on it, and smile simultaneously. And the kid must determine which smile they liked the most.


An unlimited number of people can participate in this contest. It can be celebrated on any holiday. In this Competitions for Children, you will need a small bell with a string to be hung around the participant’s neck. You will also need several ropes stretched in the room at different heights from the floor. The ropes can be fastened horizontally and across the room space so that the participant going to the finish line has to squat and take a step—the ropes. The player’s task is to reach the finish line so that the bell hanging from his neck does not ring. Whoever coped with this task was considered the best bell tamer from that day on.


The following items for the competition are balloons, string, and markers. Inflate all the balloons prepared for the Competitions for Children, and tie them, so they don’t deflate. Divide all balls equally into two halves. Hang half of the balls in one corner of the room and the other half in the second corner. Divide everyone present into two teams and give them markers. The teams must draw eyes, noses, and mouths in the balls. They should make funny little animals. The winner is the team that creates the animals the fastest.

Handkerchief, Laughter, and Children

To play this Competitions with Children, you need a small silk scarf like a handkerchief. All the children, except one kid, stand in a circle. That kid stands in the center of the circle, tosses a handkerchief into the air, and bursts out laughing. The rest of the children should also start laughing konkursy. If someone stops laughing while the scarf is in the air, they’re out of the game. When the handkerchief hits the ground, everyone stops laughing. If the participants do not meet this condition, they are eliminated from the game. The last child to remain in the game is the winner.

Running Ball

You will need two balloons and two cups to play. The participants are divided into two teams. Each team joins the column. The first members of the team receive a cup and his balloon. They put the ball on the glass to keep the ball in balance. These participants must then run around their team and return to their place. konkursy The first players pass the cup with the ball to the second players, who run around the team. The game continues until all participants run around their team. But if someone’s ball falls, they must return to their place and start running from the beginning. It is not allowed to touch the ball with the hands during the task. The first team to complete the task wins.

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