What is Endy Mattress?
What is Endy Mattress?

What is Endy Mattress?

Perfect for parents looking for an inexpensive memory foam Endy mattress that comes in a box.

Key Benefits Durable, temperature-controlled top layer for memory foam mattresses, easy to ship and assemble, machine washable covers.

Considerations May not fully support a side sleeper’s waist

The Endy Bottomline Mattress is a slightly firmer memory foam mattress that testers and editors find comfortable and supportive. This Canadian mattress has a top layer to prevent overheating and a machine washable cover. Plus, it comes in a compact box, making it easy to ship and set up.

It may be the place to get rid of nightmares and family hugs, but the best job in bed is a good night’s rest. Comfortable and supportive mattresses will help you get quality, long-awaited closed eyes. Endy mattresses have been favorites of parents and publishers who have tried them at home. Made from hypoallergenic materials in Canada, Endy mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US. This means that the foam layer is guaranteed to be made from environmentally friendly materials. In addition to the extreme ease of installation and overall high praise for overall quality, editors and parent reviewers were particularly impressed with the affordability of the Andy mattress.

Sleep comfort

After all, when it comes to finding the perfect mattress, sleep is everything, and the Endy Mattress blew our editors and parents alike. This mid-range mattress is designed to be comfortable to use in any sleeping position thanks to its 3-layer construction and provides the density you need to support your sleeping position. .. In addition, since the top layer uses temperature control technology, you can sleep comfortably all year round.

To our editors, this memory foam mattress feels firm and doesn’t sag like some memory foam mattresses. The support is a bit thin overall, but comfortable enough. It is worth noting that the mattress may not fit perfectly around your waist when you sleep on your side. If you want to support your lower back firmly and completely, there are a few things you need to think about. However, one side sleeper parent described how comfortable the Endy mattress is for side sleepers. And when it comes to sleeping on your back, the hip support is excellent. The comments of the evaluating parents were the same as in the laboratory tests. No one felt pain or pain in their back, hips, or sides.

As a side bed, it is extremely comfortable on the sides, hips and shoulders and provides even support for the entire body. In addition, it is good to get up and go to bed and not feel the partner’s movements. — Harissa, mother

If your bedtime routine includes reading or working on your laptop, you’ll be pleased to know that editors and parents feel comfortable sitting on a mattress and don’t experience coccyx discomfort. ..

Motion transmission

Nobody wants to wake up when their partner goes to bed or is fast asleep. Andy says their mattresses are designed to be stable and prevent motion transmission. However, when the other editor finished tossing the mattress, the editor only noticed some movement (which may not be enough to wake the sleeper), but all three and two people on the parent tester said they felt the bed move. lying. next to the mattress, but one said they were less knowledgeable than the previous mattress. If you or your partner are very sleepy and nervous about moving but love low prices, Andy offers a 100-day trial. If you are not satisfied, you can return it for a refund. (Note: Andy prioritizes donating used mattresses to charity before sending them to the facility for proper recycling.

Installation of mattress

One of the most attractive and innovative features of Endy mattresses is bed-in-box delivery, which greatly reduces discomfort and strain. The mattress is compressed into a compact box, and Andy provides a plastic cutting tool to open the box. This is important because it involves cutting off the dough from a large number of purchases.

The fact that it is delivered to your door makes it affordable and allows you to save on shipping. Not only is it free of charge, it’s also perfect for those who live in an apartment or have limited space in their home. This mattress can be delivered to any room without hassle. Holly, three moms.

When the Endy mattress arrives, don’t rush to throw away the old mattress. The mattress in the box will take some time to fully accumulate and come out of the gas. You can sleep right away on the Endy mattress, but if you need full hardness or are sensitive to odors, you can wait a few days.


Andy’s mattresses can be machine washed in warm water, but they need to be air dried (best in the morning). For quick cleaning, you can clean the lid with a mild detergent and water.


Our editors and testers were impressed with the quality, comfort and affordability of Andy mattresses, not to mention how easy it is to put a mattress in a box, even in the tightest spaces. Overall, our parent reviewers gave Andy a very good score for ease of use and a combination of good to very good scores for quality and value. Also, if you want to buy a new mattress, you should buy this mattress and recommend it to other parents without hesitation. Of course, like any other mattress, you have to try it yourself. With Endy’s hassle-free return policy, you don’t have to make a firm commitment until you literally get the chance to sleep. ..

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