What is Dwell Time and Does It Affect Your Rankings
What is Dwell Time and Does It Affect Your Rankings

What is Dwell Time and Does It Affect Your Rankings

When on a website’s specific page, a person spends a certain period of time then this period of time is known as dwell time. Your website’s SEO results will be better and engagement will be much more if this time is higher. CrazyEgg and Google Analytics are the tools that help in measuring this kind of time on your website. Sometimes if this time is lower then it indicates that the bounce rates are high. Now I am going to give you the definition of dwell time and its effect on rankings.

How will you define dwell time?

When on a web page someone spends a certain amount of time then this time is known as dwell time. We can calculate this time as

Dwell time = ­Total time spent in reading the content

                                    Number of pages viewed

In order to know whether the users take interest in your content or not the time spent by them on your site will be helpful.

What is the importance of dwell time?

The engagement of visitors can be shown by this type of time. We can say that in the success of SEO, a critical role is played by engagement. On your site, a longer time is spent by a reader who is more engaged. In deciding the rank of a website, the two factors namely click-through rates and dwell time are not considered important by Google. Then what is the need for optimizing the dwell time? This time’s benefits are shown by several pieces of evidence and many statistics.

When from the longer content you will get backlinks then these backlinks will be better as compared to others and your ranking can be much better if you have more backlinks. In attaining those backlinks that are better the dwell time can play a significant role. Thus, the rankings of a site increase indirectly because of this time.

What is the difference between bounce rates and dwell time?

If the reason behind the low dwell time is a high bounce rate, then this shows that the user does not take much interest in your web page and leaves it soon. The use of poor keywords and irrelevant content can be the possible cause for this.

Suppose the user has already found what he was looking for then he will not spend more time on your page. In order to know whether the objectives of the user are met by your content or not and for what thing he is searching on the internet, dwell time will help you a lot.

What will you do for optimizing dwell time?

By creating longer and more interesting content you can attract the readers towards it. In this way, you can perform optimization of dwell time on your site. For engaging the visitors, you need to create detailed content and update it regularly. You have to focus on providing detailed information to them rather than stuffing the content. With this, you can generate interest in the reader towards your content. In order to optimize this time, you can follow a number of best practices like:

·       Allow limited clicks on your web page: When navigating a web page, the user may not like to follow a path where clicking a lot of times is needed. So, you have to allow a limited number of clicks on it.

·       Don’t allow an auto-play of multimedia content or text content: The user may not like if without accessing anything on the web page the multimedia content or the text content starts playing automatically.

·       Add interesting videos on your web page: If on your web page you will add attention-grabbing videos then the engagement of visitors will increase. Remember that there should be the use of the structured data known as Schema.org in your videos. Always use thumbnails of high quality in your videos. Create a video that can be played on Streamable, Vimeo and YouTube without any problem.

·       Create content that is longer: Give all the important details of the content and along with this use tools of website navigation, contact details, white space and many images. Make the content interesting so that the visitor may like it. Your content should be 700 to 1000 words long.

How are dwell time, bounce rate and audience engagement related to each other?

On your website, the audience engagement can be determined with the help of dwell time. The conversions are greatly affected by this time. There will be less possibility of converting visitors into your customers if before converting they spend more time seeing your content.

A few words in the end

Your SEO strategy can be successful if you will try to improve your content by doing proper research. When on any particular topic you want to strengthen your authority then you can do this by creating detailed content on that topic.If you want the services of off-page SEO, local SEO, website optimization, website assessment and mobile SEO then contact SEO Company USA.

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