Walking 30 minutes a day that changed my life

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Walking 30 minutes a day

Exercise is essential for those who work long hours in the company. This is because if you don’t exercise, fat will accumulate in your belly and buttocks and your strength and vitality will drop. But the problem is that exercise is really annoying. I also did not exercise courageously even though I knew that exercise would increase my stamina in the long term and that stamina would be the basis for improving my workability. In addition, after work, it was very difficult to exercise for an hour or two after taking care of the child, doing housework, and writing. When I was tired, I thought that exercise itself was more annoying to me as I became more sensitive. 

Can’t you exercise steadily with minimal pressure? I went to the bookstore to find the way. There must be a movement book for people like me! The words that came into my eyes repeatedly at the bookstore are ’30 minutes a day’. You can make perfect abs in 30 minutes a day! Become a body by exercising 30 minutes a day! There were so many books that emphasized ’30 minutes a day’ and so on. Once I was interested in trying to do it for 30 minutes a day, I looked through the books and thought that it would be better to register in the gym or get personal training to keep doing this 30-minute exercise. Suddenly there was a burden. I returned home and searched Google for ’30 minutes a day exercise’. As a result, an exercise method that changed my life appeared. That is walking 30 minutes a day’. 

Walking 30 minutes a day is really easy. Anyone can do it by wearing shoes, and fun becomes double with family or friends. If there is an interesting place or a beautiful place around the house, it is a gold prize. There is no need to register for the gym. With that money, you can wear good shoes and go out of the house. 

Walking is Health Medicine

According to an expert in health medicine, if you walk for 30 minutes a day, walking at a slightly faster pace than usual, you will walk about 5,000 steps, and this will become an aerobic exercise and show the weight loss effect. Another expert tells us not to be obsessed with the walking steps’ that were once incredibly popular. It is said that walking pedometer is just marketing, and if you walk too much, you may be exposed to Achilles tendon injuries and ankle sprains. He also says that just 30 minutes a day is appropriate. 

Now I walk 30 minutes every day. You can go around the apartment complex a few times, take a market, or go around a park nearby. You can’t become a body by walking 30 minutes every day. However, you can always maintain a healthy weight. Also, I feel refreshed and the happiness index seems to increase. 

Above all, it is best to relieve stress. He walks like a conversation with nature, and throws and thinks of problems that are not well resolved. I also develop my imagination about the contents of the book to be written in the future, and I commend myself for doing so well and walk with my own praise. 

When I leave the house for a 30-minute walking exercise, I usually ask my wife and daughter, “Would you like to go with me?” I asked. When you go together, you can enjoy walking while talking about daily life. When you have a problem, you can throw it. There are many times when you already solve your problems by just sharing them. In short, I think walking 30 minutes a day is a great exercise physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Lastly, I would like to introduce a story about a Dutchman who changed the environment by walking 30 minutes a day. Tommy Clay always crosses the river on his way to work. However, one day, after realizing that the riverside he was passing through was contaminated with various kinds of garbage (plastic bottles, garbage bags, jars, etc.), he walked along the riverside for 30 minutes every day before going to work and began to clean up the garbage one by one. And he collected the garbage he took away, took pictures, and shared it on his Facebook every day. 

Then the locals and friends began to join Tommy’s trash walk. After several months, dozens of garbage were collected, and as a result, the riverside environment was markedly clean. When the river was cleaned, a white duck settled in the river to nest and lay eggs. Tommy says. 

“That little action makes a difference. 30 minutes is enough!”