Treatment options that works out to be effective in the case of dandruff

Nearly 1 out of 6 people have gone on to encounter the issue of dandruff at some point of time in their lives. An individual has the habit of hiding the dandruff, but the flakes that are going to emerge might turn out to be a cause of annoyance. So as to deal with all the options the use of an anti- dandruff shampoo for colour treated hair might be a welcome course of action.

The remedies of dealing with dandruff

People could resort to the use of apple cedar vinegar as it is helpful in maintaining the PH level of the hair. It is going to prevent the growth of yeast and help in removing the clogged cores. Hence it is necessary that the individuals have to apply apple cedar vinegar with cold water and after shampooing you need to apply this mixture. Make sure that you continue with this remedy for months so as to achieve notable results.

The second option is to use tea tree oil on your hair as it is going to process anti- fungal properties. Just make sure that you add 6 drops of the oil on to half a cup of normal oil which makes sure that the massage is done on the scalp. It is of immense help to get rid of the dandruff and after regular shampooing you can go on to use the same. With the dandruff shampoo coloured hair shampoo you can control the sebum production that is going to provide a series of benefits to the people.

Another option would be to use coconut oil and then add lemon to the same. The use of lemon is considered to have a series of anti- fungal properties as the coconut oil is going to moisturize the dry scalp as you might be able to deal with dandruff like a seasoned professional. If you go on to use both the products in combination not only it is going to remove dandruff but also enhance hair growth. Just apply the solution for 20 minutes and then wash it off for effective results.

Another effective option that warrants a lot of attention is yoghurt. The presence of lactic acid in yogurt is going to reduce the presence of dandruff and hence it is better to use lukewarm water with a towel. Make sure that you apply a coat of fresh yoghurt on to the hair and allow it to settle for 10 minutes. Then wash it off to figure out the magical results from this type of solution. An effective option that is found in our kitchen is the use of salt. It is going to remove the excess oil present on the scalp as it is going to cause the clogging of the pores. This remedy is of use when you have to deal with fungal infections and just add it on to the hair wash. A remedy is to take a pinch of salt and then add it to the shampoo.