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Things to know about polished concrete

Having thoughts about designing your interiors or restyling the floors? Well, then you are on the right page. The ambience of a place includes the entire feel, look, and complete atmosphere of that place. The final outlook of a place depends on the way you plan and design the floors of your building. So, keep reading to get a clear picture of the various types, processes, and other details about polished concrete. 

What is polished concrete? 

You may have seen concrete floors in various places. And polishing the same is what you call polished concrete. The grinding machines.  are used to grind, hone, and polish the concrete surface till the required shine is achieved. This gives the flooring an overall glass-like shining, smooth, and glossy effect.  

This type of polished concrete is used in various places like – warehouses, retail showrooms, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

The process of polished concrete:

  • The rough grinding process begins here. Coarse diamond segments help in smoothening the existing concrete surface. This also clears the surface from any craters or bumps. 
  • The next process is called lapping. In this step, the surface is finely ground using diamond abrasives in a resin matrix. 
  • Thirdly a sealer is applied. This is visible to the eyes, and it gets inside the concrete. 
  • After this, the surface is cleaned of all residue. 
  • Finally, the concrete is polished. There are two methods: 
  • In the wet method, water is used to cool the diamond abrasives. 
  • And the dry method is very simple, easy, quick, fast, convenient, and eco-friendly.  

Some of the benefits of polished concrete are mentioned below: 

  1. It is extremely cost-effective. Compared to the other types of flooring, this involves the use of very few raw materials. 
  2. These are long-lasting. They do not break or detach like other types of floors. They are easy to maintain and do  not trouble the users. You have to mop the floors occasionally, and that’s it. 
  3. Easy maintenance is its best factor. You do not have to worry about its maintenance. Keep calm and let the polished concrete do its work for you. 
  4. If you are concerned about the designs and colors, you should know that . it is available in any color you ask for. And it also has amazing designs. 
  5. It is resistant to moisture and very breathable, unlike tiles. 

Types of polished concrete  


In this, the concrete gives a beautiful marble-like appearance. Its concrete from the floor is not removed, and it has a very natural and modern appearance. 

SALT AND PEPPER POLISHED CONCRETE is quite expensive and very luxurious. Luxury residences mostly use it. 


It is the largest aggregate in a concrete mix. It is also very long-lasting and high in cost. It is  used in new constructions and renovations, and it also consumes a lot of time in the installation process. It is highly durable and very pleasing to the eyes. Its attractive appearance adds  quality and premium  look to the area.  

Now that you have some basic insight on polished concrete, we hope you will implement these designs and types in your constructions. Make sure you choose the right concrete polish according to the theme and the existing ambience. Have fun designing your space with these quality polished concretes. 

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