The Most Popular soda in Every State
The Most Popular soda in Every State

The Most Popular soda in Every State

Of course, popular soda is not the best in the world for you. Energy drinks and fruit juices aren’t the best either. But if you’re a fan of the “moderately everything” spirit, you can sometimes indulge in sweet drinks. Of course, you can choose a classic drink like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or a local drink like Chia or Faigo Wine.

And if you’re wondering what everyone in your state drinks, you’re in luck! Use Google Trends to find the most popular soft drinks in each state. Based on each state’s “non-alcoholic beverages” topic using Google Trends, we were able to identify the most popular beverages in each state. We then analyzed the popular related topics in this category by state to identify the most searched drinks.

Many of them are soft drinks, but some states prefer drinks such as lemonade and sweet tea. This is the most popular drink in all states. Is your favorite on the list? (Furthermore, check out America’s best and worst sodas!)

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Alabama: Dr. Pepper

The established classic Dr. Pepper (yes, it’s a periodless style) has gained a lot of support in Alabama. And Alabama can now claim that soda, but its roots are in Texas. The pharmaceutical company invented cinnamon-flavored soda in 1885 in Waco, Texas. There is also Dr. Pepper named after him.

Alaska: Red Bull

No, popular soda is the least popular at the Last Frontier! Alaskans like Red Bull. Red Bull is currently available in flavors such as coconut berries and tropical.

 Arizona: Tab

Yes, the tabs are still here! Originally introduced in the 1960s, this soft drink still has loyal supporters, especially in Arizona.

Arkansas ginger beer

Ginger ale, a remedy for upset stomach, was a hit on the spot. The people of Arkansas know what’s going on!

California: Creamy soda

Whether Californians mean Barq’s or homemade cream, a popular soft drink, they’re definitely on the right track. Vanilla cream soda is a treat that goes well with any summer meal.

Colorado: Sweet tea

Sweet tea is more than just a southern treat! Coloradans are also looking for drinks this summer.

Connecticut: Jet

Squirting grew up in Arizona, but it’s also popular soda in Connecticut. This drink has a citrus flavor and does not contain caffeine. Yes, it’s very similar to a sprite.

DELAWARE: Dr. Pepper

The doctor strikes again! Delaware people don’t get enough of this unique soft drink.

Florida: Jet

Squirting is more popular than you think! Florida loves this citrus soda and joins Connecticut.

Georgia: screw

I’ve never heard of this soft drink, but it’s been around for decades. Today you can buy Nehi in a variety of fruit flavors such as peaches, oranges and grapes.

Coke Light Hawaii

Hawaiians love to cool off with classic drinks! Diet cork is the basis of popular soft drinks, so it’s no wonder that it’s the most popular beverage in many states.

Aidaho: Diet cork

Idaho is another state that loves diet cork. Maybe it goes well with Idaho potatoes?

Illinois: Jaritos

You may have friends who love Mexican cola. How about a Mexican fruit drink? Jaritos has a variety of delicious fruity flavors and is perfect for taco plates.

 Indian: Sierra Mist

Technically, tonics were India’s most popular drink. But we don’t think of it as a soft drink, so let’s settle for the next Sierra Mist. Some might say it’s PepsiCo’s answer to Sprite, but real fans know they’re two completely different things.

Iowa: Splatter

These are the three states that love squirting! If you haven’t tried this soda yet, you may be persuaded to try it on this list.

Kansas: Fanta

Kansas really needs Fanta. I just want to know if Kansas prefers the classic orange flavor or other fruit options such as lemons and pineapples.

Kentucky: root beer

Root beer: either you like it or you hate it. However, many Kentucky residents have taken refuge in former encampments. There are more root beers floating around for them!

Louisiana: Sprite

Sprite, a classic lemon-lime soda, had to be on this list. You can enjoy this snack with a delicious po’boy sandwich.

Main: root beer

Maine is another state that favors root beer. A&W for the win.

Maryland: Soda Jones

Jones Soda grew up in Canada, but Marylanders like it too. There are flavors like berry lemonade, strawberry lemon, and green apple.

Massachusetts: Mountain Dew

Massachusetts residents love to “spray.” We hope everyone brings as much joy as this 2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercial for Mountain Dew Kick Start.

Michigan: Slurpees

Seven-Eleven’s Classic Slurpees are the ultimate in frozen treats. Michigan knows what’s going on.

Minnesota: orange soda

Whether it’s Fanta or Sunkist, orange soda is a treat for kids of all ages.

Mississippi: Sunkist

Mississippi can’t be solved with old soda alone. I need a sink. What’s a good drink to enjoy with a hot dog or hamburger on a hot summer day?

Missouri: Faigo

Faigo is based in Michigan, but Missouri loves this soda too. Try the peach flavor!

Mountain: Pepsi

Montanans reach for Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola. Montana, you know.

Nebraska: Leprechaun

If you live in Nebraska, chances are you’ve Googled this lemon soda. Hey, it’s caffeine free!

 snowfall: autumn

Crash is here to prove you wrong, so Sunkist and Fanta don’t think they’ve dominated the market with orange soda. Do you hate oranges? Crash also has other flavors like watermelon and peach.

New Hampshire: Diet Cork

Whether you’re watching a movie and pairing diet cork and popcorn, or sipping from a can with lunch, there’s no doubt you’ll be drinking this classic drink.

New Jersey: Monster Energy

Not interested in Red Bull? There is another energy drink that catches your attention: Monsters. Doesn’t the name sound energizing?

New Mexico: ginger beer

The only question is, are New Mexicans fans of Schweppes or Canada Dry?

New York: Faigo

New York is another state that loves this Michigan-born soda.

North Carolina: Root Beer

The most popular soft drinks in North Carolina are neither Cheerwine nor Pepsi, but both were born in the state. Instead, North Carolinians love root beer.

North Dakota: Coca-Cola Zero

Other states prefer diet cola, but the states of North Dakota enjoy zero cola.

Ohio: Faigo

If Google trends are any indication, Faigo is more popular than you think.

Oklahoma: Cream Soda

I think Oklahomans appreciate an Italian-style cream soda with lots of fruit-flavored syrup.

Oregon: Dr Pepper

I have a doctor! In Oregon, that’s it.

Pennsylvania: Iced Tea

Whether sweet or unsweetened, iced tea is the drink of choice for Pennsylvanians.

Rhode Island: orange soda

As this list shows, Rhode Island has plenty of orange soda options.


South Carolina is another state that is a fan of Neha and his delicious fruity flavors.

SOUTH DAKOTA: root beer

Enjoying beer at home? If you are in South Carolina, you are in good company.


What could be better than enjoying a cold lemonade on your porch? Tennessee lives right in the south.

TEXAS: creamy soda

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the state’s affinity for cream soda.

UTAH: Crush

Do you think we’re done talking about Crush? Well, Utah has a surprise!

VERMONT: cream soda

Vermont is another soda-impressed state, and we can’t blame them.

Virginia: Fantasy

European soda charms Dev.

WASHINGTON: Green River Soda

This lemon-flavoured soda might not be as popular as Sprite, but it’s just as delicious.


You don’t have to live in the mountains to enjoy this vibrant drink.


Jolly Good Soda is made in Wisconsin and is also the most Googled drink in that state. You can’t go wrong with any flavor of this local legend.

WYOMING: Coke Zero

Zero sugar and calories doesn’t mean zero taste, just ask Wyoming.

Whether you agree with your state’s choice or not, this list can inspire you on your next trip to the grocery store.

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