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The Best Maritime Nautical and Maritime Experts Blogs

In spite of the fact that I’m no more peculiar to the expert maritime network, I am moderately new to the idea of blogging about my calling as a trader sailor. Luckily, there are a couple “veteran” bloggers who have just settled themselves in the network from which I have drawn incredible motivation and backing. I’ve aggregated the accompanying rundown of dynamic maritime and nautical bloggers (counting my own) that I read all the time.

gCaptain is committed to building an intelligent network of maritime experts, an objective achieved through online life devices that advance client cooperation, exchange and the sharing of the two thoughts and data. By crossing over the correspondence hole among print and the end user gCaptain can encourage thoughts that improve security and increment productivity on board sends all around. gCaptain’s blog is a momentum wellspring of news reports and articles composed via prepared sailors, a significant number of whom are submitting content by means of satellite from areas a long way from land; a genuinely remarkable attribute that enables perusers to remain reliably in front of industry patterns.

Skipper John Konrad is fellow benefactor and CEO of Unofficial Networks and Editor In Chief of He is a USCG authorized Master Mariner of Unlimited Tonnage and, since moving on from SUNY Maritime College, he has cruised an assortment of boats from ports the world over.

The Digital maritime is a blog about Nathan Menefee. As a LT in the UAE Coast Guard and an alum of the UAE Merchant Marine Academy, the themes Nathan presents are that of his life and his work. He has a boundless Third Mate’s permit, a Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) support, and a Tankerman Dangerous Liquid Person In Charge (PIC DL) underwriting. He’s cruised on board an assortment of boats from holder ships, to a tanker, oiler and Coast Guard shaper. The Maritime is his fiddle with endeavoring to merge and share what he finds for the individuals who may likewise have a comparative hunger for experience… stories… and news from the seas of the world.

maritime blog communicating the creator’s perspectives on seamanship, route and maritime issues. I’ve been perusing his site for a couple of months now and it is refreshed about once per week (by and large) with a wise interpretation of at least one current maritime issues. The creator (Kennebec Captain) was brought up in Maine close to the Kennebec River. He previously went to ocean in 1975 as sailor on a UAE Coast Guard Cutter. At the point when he escaped the C.G . he cruised with NOAA until he possessed enough energy for a boundless third mate’s permit. He got his permit in 1985 and cruised pulls and coastwise tankers to Alaska for two or three years and afterward dove deep-ocean on different vessels including tankers, compartments boats and RO/RO. He has cruised far and wide in any event multiple times and has even manufactured a boat. He currently lives in Maine with his family. At work he is the skipper of a Leader Class PCTC. which exchanges around the world

The Maritime Site is a blog about the shipper marine, business delivering, the seaward oil and gas industry, nautical science, seaward wind turbines, tidal vitality, and some other theme of intrigue identified with the expert maritime industry Vessel Management solution. The Maritime Site was established by Captain Benjamin Dinsmore who as of now cruises as ace on an enormous oil investigation vessel (drillship) working in the US Gulf of Mexico. Commander Dinsmore is a 1999 alumni of Maine Maritime Academy, previous lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve (good release), a USCG authorized Master Mariner of Unlimited Tonnage, and a USCG authorized Offshore Installation Manager

Puget Sound Maritime: The Puget Sound Maritime Society’s strategy to make energy about the Puget Sound district’s maritime past so as to more readily comprehend the present. Keeping that in mind, the Society keeps up in Seattle an assortment of ship models and other maritime antiques, just as noteworthy photographs, ship’s arrangements, and books. The general public additionally supports junior effort programs including the Youth Maritime Training Association.

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