The 7 habits that can increase your life expectancy by 10 years

The 7 habits that can increase your life expectancy by 10 years

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Ramón Gomis, a UOC endocrinologist and director of health science research, said that in the future, 8 out of every 10 diseases will be related to lifestyle. He firmly believes that the prevention of diseases through healthy habits can be regarded as one of the main trends. Chinese medicine in the coming years.

In fact, more and more studies indicate that lifestyle is the best way to prevent and overcome diseases. The latest research report published by Harvard School of Public Health on BMJ is led by Frank Hu. In its conclusion, the life expectancy of 50-year-old American women who follow healthy habits is longer than that of women who do not follow healthy habits10 year.

But understanding adults is not enough, because as Dr. Gomis pointed out, a healthy lifestyle must be promoted from childhood and a healthy lifestyle from school. According to Dr. Gomis, the following seven habits can change health and help extend life expectancy:

1. What do you eat and how?

Professor Gomez said: “Cultivating good nutrition habits includes eating a certain proportion of food, so that we can properly develop and prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes and other diseases.” Currently, circulatory diseases are the main cause of death in Spain (cause 28.3% of deaths), followed by tumors. In this sense, following healthy habits can also avoid half of stomach cancer and 37% of colon cancer.

2. How much exercise do you practice

Ramon Gomis believes: “At present, this lifestyle is too sedentary, which is the root of changing habits.” Diego Redolar, a neuroscientist at the UOC Health Sciences Research, said that physical exercise not only helps prevent heart Vascular diseases but also can resist Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Do you drink and smoke?

Ramon Gomis said: “Great progress has been made in the fight against tobacco, but there is still much work to be done.” On the other hand, “it is important to reduce alcohol consumption, especially in young people Avoid the use of drugs among people.” It must be kept in mind, “Adolescent brains are more susceptible to the addictive effects of alcohol and other drugs during the period of neurodevelopment,” explains Marina Bosque, professor of health science research at UOC and coordinator of the Alcohol Beverage Working Group. Spanish Epidemiological Society. In addition, as Gomis recalled, toxic substances have two health risks because they cause traffic accidents in addition to their effects on the human body.

4. Are you stressed?

Ramon Gomis explained: “You must try to avoid this because stress can cause many problems related to depression, anxiety and cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.” Diego Redolar, a professor of neuroscience at UOC, points out that it can also cause growth problems And autoimmune diseases.

5. How about the rest?

When we think we don’t need sleep, we are wrong. In addition, for children, habits are very important, and they sleep much later than usual on weekends, which is not a good idea,” Professor Gomis said. “Habits can be relaxed, but only to a certain extent. He explained. “He added, “We must learn to sleep,” recalling the sleep medicine expert Eduard Estivill (Eduard Estivill), he held the “sleep as a source of healthy life” seminar at UOC.

6. Do you prevent disease?

Ramón Gomis said: “Vaccines have played a very important role in improving health. We cannot be relieved by the habit of vaccination. He said: “Measles that broke out in Ukraine last year must be avoided. The situation has affected more than 30,000 people in Europe. “In addition, according to experts, “new vaccines such as the papilloma vaccine help greatly reduce cervical cancer cases.” Gomis explained that medicine will continue to develop in this regard because “neomycin under development may be important for neurodegenerative, metabolic diseases and cancer treatment through the immune system.” “

7. Do you take care of the environment?

As research in the emerging field of planetary health has shown, taking care of the balance of the ecosystem is essential to protect our health. In this sense, Gomis asserted that “if the environment is polluted, cancer cases will proliferate.” In this interview, he explained why we use energy, and water or waste disposal affects our health. He concluded: “It is essential that we learn to take care of the earth to improve our health and develop these habits at school from a very young age.”

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