Seed cycling: can you lose weight like this?

If you get rid of the several weight loss practices and don’t get the satisfying results from the methods, try something new! However, you may have heard about seed cycles, and it’s the frequent practice on which people rely to lose weight.

If you are conscious of your diet and body weight, seed cycles are a natural way that may help you naturally to lose weight. Many companies offer products and seeds of seed cycles that help people maintain their weight; Green Relief is one of them that produces quality seeds at the best price.

In the Seed cycle, specific seeds and nuts are eaten within a phase; primarily, people believe that the seed cycle is a good formula to maintain hormone levels in the body. These are supposed to help in the production of estrogen and progesterone. There is no scientific reason behind this fact, but people believe in this as it doesn’t have any bad and harmful effect, and all the seeds contain specific vitamins and minerals that are adequate for health. It helps in maintaining the regular flow and balance it.

What is contained in the Seed Cycle?

Fundamentally, seed cycles contain four types of seeds that have certain benefits and features. Linseed (flax seeds), Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds and sesame are indulged in the seed cycle in an appropriate quantity. It is eaten raw or ground or with the other food in powdered form. You can also combine the seeds from Green Relief with oats, muesli, porridge and so on.

Seeds contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid that are useful in producing healthy hormones. However, many women lack omega 3 in their diet, and the seed cycle acts as a supplement to accomplish their body with the fulfilment of omega-3 fatty acid. Many women feel high craving during their periods; however, it’s the symptom of hormonal imbalance. The nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids in the seed cycle seeds help regulate the hormones that control craving problems.

How does it work?

Before availing of the seed cycle in your routine, get about your cycle as it helps regulate and schedule the seed cycle. It is recommended to eat a tablespoon of pumpkin and flaxseed in the follicular phase (starting days of periods) from the first to fourteenth day. It will increase estrogen production in the body. It is the first phase.

During the luteal phase, also known as the second phase, eat a tablespoon of sesame and pumpkin seeds so that it will maximise the production of progesterone. The seeds of the seed cycle naturally produce the hormones that help you lose weight and make you slim and fit.

Traditionally, seeds are considered suitable for health as they contain several health benefits and supply various nutrients and vitamins to the body. It will help in balancing the hormonal level and help in getting PMS symptoms. However, it is not scientifically proven; all the facts are based on beliefs and certain cases. The studies show that flax seeds help in menopause with hot blazes.

To The Sum Up

It is believed that the seed cycle reduces the PMS symptoms by controlling overeating and craving that will eventually help women at a certain level in losing weight. Although there is no scientific evidence behind the fact of losing weight with the help of seed cycles, people are still practising it.


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