Saliva Drug Test Kits Are Becoming Popular In The Workplace

Saliva Drug Test Kits Are Becoming Popular In The Workplace

Recently, saliva drug tests have started being more commonly used by professionals in the workplace. Saliva drug testing has outpaced hair and blood tests, but is still behind urine testing. Drug testing is a common practice in workplace settings, and is used for the purpose of deterring illegal employee drug use. Saliva drug testing has risen in popularity for many reasons, including non-invasiveness, convenience, and affordability.

Saliva Drug Testing

The test starts out with a subject’s oral fluid collection, known as saliva. Saliva is a natural substance that comes from the salivary glands in the mouth. This sample is collected using a mouth swab. After that, a drug testing collection device gathers the fluid, and a visual result is shown when the test is over. After collection, the results can be seen in five to ten minutes, depending on the type of test.

During a workplace drug test, employers or any other trained supervisor can collect the oral fluid.

Privacy and Effectiveness

When it comes to oral drug testing, employers find it appealing because the sample can be attained in a non-invasive manner, with a simple mouth swab. Blood tests are the most invasive and require trained professionals to make the sample collection. Urine drug tests have other disadvantages, like the donor’s privacy and tampering possibilities. Since a saliva test doesn’t require any injections or pricking of the skin to procure the sample, it’s considered non-invasive.

Using oral fluid as a sample takes under a minute to collect and it is attainable in most circumstances. The results are available on-site, allowing for rapid and accurate results. The speed of this whole process is a very appealing aspect to employers.

The Western Michigan University is in the process of studying oral fluid/urine paired specimens from patients, and is the first study of its kind. This project is going to test up to 130 different substances.

How To Use A Saliva Drug Test

Saliva drug test kits are great to use after a safety incident or in an event where recent substance use needs to be identified. In case of a safety incident, the risk of drug use increases statistically. When a situation like this happens, it’s critical to determine if the result is negative or non-negative.

Depending on the workplace drug testing policy, the employees with a negative result may return to work without any further delay and without the need for any lab testing. When a test comes non-negative, then a follow-up lab test is required to determine the outcome.

It’s easy to use and access rapid oral drug tests at the workplace location, which is an important reason behind their growing popularity. Employers can have the tests available for immediate use, in most cases without having to utilize expensive and cumbersome laboratory testing.

Maintaining a safe workplace environment is a crucial part of any employer’s operating procedures. Using rapid drug test kits can help with keeping safety at work.

Before implementing any drug testing policy, consider consulting with a legal professional.

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