The Role of Chakra Centers in Happiness

The Role of Chakra Centers in Happiness
Throat Chakra

Chakra Centers

Happiness is the ray of light after sheer darkness. The value of wellness can only be measured after you suffer illness. Happiness is the feeling of being positive in any given circumstance. The 7 chakras in your body also play a major role in your mood swings.

If you master the art of balancing these 7 chakras in your body you can lead a happy and mentally balanced life. To balance these 7 chakras first you’ll need to understand what did the note and are related to which part of your body. Here in this article, you are going to explore the whole new world of being happy and cheerful.

Seven Chakras

There are numerous chakras in a human body majorly categorized into 7 chakras. These focal points are majorly concentrated in ancient meditation practices to interact with your inner sole and get rid of anxiety and depression. When you eliminate negativity from your life you a thing in love peace and happiness.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is on the top of your head. It connects you to God and helps you attain the knowledge and purpose of life. People with the strong crown chakra are spiritually oriented and knowledgeful. People who control crown chakra more joyous as they are free of negativity around. The colour associated with the crown chakra is purple.

The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye chakra is in the middle of your eyes. This chakra works for your mental doing and controls your feelings. It helps in focusing on your goals with a great vision and relish success. A powerful brain and a happy soul are all we want in our life. The colour associated with this chakra is indigo panda blockage in this chakra where result severe headaches or anxiety.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra empowers the ability to express our feelings. It gives you the ability to talk express your emotions ability to release your negativity and joyous laughter with a happy mood. The colour associated with this chakra is Blue. Blockage in the throat chakra make calls problems in Britain or interacting with people.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is centred in the middle of your lungs. It gives you the ability to give love and happiness. When you balance this chakra, you attain the ability to stay happy and feel abundance. Love is the most joyous feeling one can ever experience. This chakra also regulates your heartbeats, heartaches and other chest congestion diseases. The colour associated with this chakra is Green.

The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus chakra is located slightly below your chest. This chakra works for your mail for self-control and self-acceptance. When you have self-power, you attain success and you feel happy and optimistic in life. A weak Solar Plexus chakra may drag you towards criticism and rejection. Fees worthless and emotionally imbalanced. You start facing problems like liver dysfunction, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers or other chronic diseases associated with your liver function. The colour associated with this chakra is Yellow.

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is situated around your navel. It is associated with a wave of creativity. It makes you confident, creative and enables you to enjoy sex in your life. It gives you a feeling of joy and pleasure when you control your emotions. Imbalanced Sacral Chakra may develop the fear of addiction, or make you feel impotent and betrayal. You may also suffer from urinary problems, lower back pain, menstrual syndromes or sexual reproductive issues. The colour associated with this chakra is Orange.

The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the lower back portion of your body below the spinal cord. It gives you the ability to feel stable, strong and secure in life. You feel happy and supported by the strong connections in the outer world. A weak Root chakra may make you feel worried about your basic survival needs like food, shelter, clothes or money. You may start suffering from physical problems with your immunity or digestive systems. The colour associated with this chakra is Red.

Summing Up

Balancing chakras has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been done regularly with yoga and mindful meditation. When you master the art of balancing your chakra, your body system is empowered with health, peace, physical and mental wellness. A balanced physical and mental state of mind leads to a happy life.

Apart from balancing these 7 chakras, you can also practice a few rules that can lead a happy life. You should think less and feel more, frown less and smile more, talk less and listen more, judge less and accept more, watch less and do more, complain less and appreciate more, fear less and love more.