tents for weddings

Rental of tents for weddings

There are multiple options to celebrate the wedding of your dreams; the task is not easy at all, choosing the setting, the theme, the where, the how and the when.

 Closed places are going out of style, many times it is much better to celebrate in a large outdoor garden or a combination of closed and open space. The halls despite being very large can make your wedding seem a bit old-fashioned or very ordinary.

With our specialized we help you build new experiences together with the love of your life, and we also present the main reasons to rent rental for such a special and unique event.

1. Freedom in space design

Sometimes in halls or places you do not have the freedom of space that you cannot choose what to put on or take off, that the packages that are sold, as customizable as they are, do not usually allow that permissibility. In this case, you can distribute the spaces however you want, from the parking lot to the reception.

2. It is cheaper

If you already have adequate space and what you are going to adapt with a tent, it will be much cheaper than renting a closed, simple and simple place, a much cheaper option for that special day.

3. Freedom in decoration

Yes, that’s right, when you rent a tent, you have the same freedom about it, about your case and in this case about the decoration, the basis of the limitations of the party halls, the tent is yours.

4. be special

With the rent of a tent you will be the envy of your friends, by daring to do something as different and great as an outdoor wedding, in addition to conventional zero.

5. Adjustable size

The tents are adapted according to the distribution of space, number of guests and the organization of the space that you want to give.

6. Easy to disassemble

Forget worrying about your own wedding, with the rental of a tent it is easy to disassemble and the place is as before it had been delivered more quickly. Our Staff is 100% professional, we assemble and disassemble and we take care of even the smallest detail.

7. The weather won’t matter

Due to the resistance of the materials of our tents, it will not matter if it is winter or summer, cold, rainy or very hot, the tent will protect you from the weather no matter what.

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