Mistakes You’re Making When You Remove Eyelash Extensions


There are a large number of common mistakes that girls make while removing their eyelash extensions.

Here you can know about these mistakes and solutions to tackle them.

In addition, applying falsies is a simple job to do but when you take off them, then you may make some serious blunders.

Check out the required details now:

You bring your false lashes in contact with water

The first and highly common mistake that girls make when they are set to remove eyelash extensions is that they bring their falsies in contact with water.

Keep in mind that there should be no contact with water while you have put on your falsies. Furthermore, you have to avoid putting any kind of moisture on your fake lashes.

Most importantly, these lash extensions consist of a glue for the sake of supporting high durability and if they get with some moisture, then this fusion may ruin and damage your eyelashes.

You use oily products on your false lashes

Moreover, the second common mistake that girls make is applying oily products on their fake lashes.

Upon using oily products, you may end up softening your lash extension’s glue. Besides, oil damages the overall quality of your falsies.

As an alternative, you can make use of a gel-based remover or you can even use makeup removing water.

You make a mistake of using mechanical lash curlers

If you use mechanical lash curlers, then it means you are bringing serious trouble for your false lashes.

We all know that mechanical lash curlers offer lots of pros and advantages. They give your eyes and lashes pure vintage look.

However, it is advised to forbid the use of these mechanical lash curlers at your end. This tool carries some serious and risky drawbacks too.

We have noticed that these mechanical curlers give your lashes a kind of blend that can never and ever be undone. So remain aware of this situation1

You pick and pull your false lashes

When you remove your eyelash extensions, then avoid picking or pulling them off.

This is an obvious fact that falsies are a great prop that brings an amazing and dramatic look on your face. But when you remove them, then remain utmost careful!

Picking and pulling eyelashes is one of the highly discouraged activities by cosmetic experts and professionals. In addition, if you pluck your eye lash extension, then this practice may damage your natural lashes too.

Keep in mind that these fake lashes need touch-ups regularly and frequently. But this does not mean that you pick and pull them off.

You bath in extreme and high pressure

You should not bath in extreme and high pressure with your falsies on!

If you do so, then this act may damage both of your false and original eyelashes.

It is warned by the experts again and again to avoid bathing in showers and avoid throwing water out if you have worn false eyelashes.

Moreover, if you bath in extreme water pressure, then the steam generated and developed from the hot water is going to start dissolving the glue section of your false extension.

Hence, this practice damages and hurts your natural lashes and also your fake extensions.

You apply eye creams on your falsies

This is a big and serious blunder that most of the girls make! They apply eye creams on their falsies and in return heavily damage their extensions.

It is true that eye creams are a source and element of constant pleasure, but if you use these creams on your extensions, then this practice will not be in favor of you.

The ingredients injected and embedded in the eye creams deteriorate your extension glue quality.

In addition, it is these eye creams that shorten the overall lifespan of your faux flutter.

You rub your eyes while having your falsies on!

Lastly, this is a general mistake that most of the girls make. They rub their eyes with their falsies on and this is the big blunder that you may often see around you.

It is time that you should stop rubbing your eyes if you have put on false eyelashes.

If you do so, then you may ruin and damage your false extension. It can even hinder your natural lash growth process too.


This is all about the general and commonly witnessed eyelash extension removal mistakes

Keep in mind that if you fail to remove your fake eyelashes properly, then you may end up damaging your original eyelashes.

Keep tuned as more details are coming up.