Here is How You Can Improve your Posture for a Healthy Back

Regenerate Physio

Many of us get to experience back pain at some point in our lives, sooner or later. It may occur due to a sports-related injury, a sudden accident, or an inherited health condition such as scoliosis. But apart from this, most of the time, upper or lower back pain advances throughout the course of our routine life. Monotonous and continuous activities at work or home, like long hours of sitting at a computer or lifting and carrying, often produce tautness and muscle tightness that more frequently result in a backache.

One effective solution to prevent any back pain is to improve your body’s posture. There are many expert physio clinics like Regenerate Physio, which helps people with a back injury and also educates them to improve their postures at home. In addition to improving the body posture, you must also have a routine for your physical fitness and a healthy weight to keep away from back problems. Thus, the unexpectedly simple act of paying extra yet due attention to improving your posture can help you a long way.

Tips to Improve your Posture

Here are some of the best-enlisted body posture improving tips that are approved by expert physiotherapists:

1.      Imagery

To achieve this stretching position, you must think of a straight line that is passing through your body from ceiling to floor inclusive of your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in an even and lined up vertical form. Now use your imagination that a firm cord that is attached to the top of your head is pulling your body upward, and making you taller. After that, try to hold your pelvis level without allowing your lower back to sway, and simultaneously resisting the impulse to stand on tiptoe.

As a substitute, think of yourself stretching your head toward the ceiling, thus increasing the space between your rib cage and pelvis. You can also picture yourself as a fine ballerina or ice skater rather than a soldier at attention. This way, your back will get rid of all its knots and help to better your body posture. Moreover, in some cases, it has also been proven to increase the person’s height.

2.      Shoulder Blade Squeeze

For a shoulder blasé squeeze, you must sit up straight on a chair with your hands resting on your thighs. Next, you must keep your shoulders down and at your chin level, then slowly pull your shoulders back until your shoulder blades meet, and then squeeze your shoulder blades together. After that, hold them for a count of five seconds at least and then relax. You should repeat this back exercise three or four times for better results. It will help to release any tautness in the back and help you to improve your form.

3.      Upper Body Stretch

An upper body stretch is easy to do as you have to stand facing one corner of a wall with your arms raised at a right angle, your hands flat against the walls, and elbows at your shoulder height. Next, you should place one of your feet ahead of the other, and by bending your forward knee, exhale your breath as you lean your body toward that corner.

During this, you must ensure to keep your back straight entirely and your chest and head up. This way, you would feel a nice stretch across your chest and can feel the muscle tighten. You must hold this position for at least 20-30 seconds and then relax by inhaling. This stretch will help you to have an upright posture rather having a sluggish front posture.

These are some of the basic and proven ways to improve your body posture and help emit backache.