Promoting Your Website Using Google Images

If you want to access the web for the purpose of discovering information in the form of visuals then Google images can be very helpful to you. AMP results, prominent badges and image captions are some new features that you can use for exploring image-related information.

Your site can get quality traffic in a greater amount if you will make the right use of images and add more context to them. When for Google images you will optimize your site then you can make the discovery process much easier for the visitors.

Now I am going to show you how to promote your website using Google images.

Creating a user experience that is great

If you want to use Google images for boosting the visibility of your content then instead of focusing on the search engines you need to focus on the users and then create web pages that they may like. In this way, you can provide a good user experience to the users. Look at the following tips:

·       Create a context that is good – As per the web page’s topic, you have to use relevant visual content. If your web page can get original value by displaying images in its certain areas, then use images in those areas. Suppose you are unable to provide original content through text and pictures then your page will be discouraged.

·       Perform optimization of the placement – Near the text that is relevant, you have to place images. So, we can say that if at the page’s top you will place that image that is most important then this will grab the attention of the users.

·       Stop embedding the text inside pictures – If you will embed menu items and page headings inside pictures then these will not be accessible by all visitors. Along with this, you will not get any help from the tools of page translation for such kinds of pictures. For images, you have to use alt text and use HTML for creating text so that most people could easily access your content.

·       Build sites that are of high quality as well as informative – At the time of creating a web page you have to put the content of good quality in it. With this your possibility of getting actionable results increases because this type of content gives context. For the image, you can create a snippet of text by using the content of the page. On the basis of the quality of the page content, Google ranks any picture.

·       Build sites that are device-friendly – Instead of using desktops, people are using mobile phones for searching pictures on Google. So, you have to consider various types of devices while creating your site so that it can be accessed by each of those devices. It doesn’t matter whether the user uses a tablet or mobile phone, your site should fit the device’s screen.

·       For your pictures, you have to create a URL structure that is good – Do you know what Google does for understanding your pictures? It understands the pictures by using the pictures’ file name as well as the URL path.

Checking the description and title of your page

For perfectly explaining the result on your site, a snippet and a title are automatically generated by Google images.

Adding structured data

If you want to provide rich results at the time of displaying your pictures on Google then including structured data can be very helpful to you. For example, driving good targeted traffic will be possible for you when you will provide relevant information to the users by using a prominent badge.

Optimizing for speed

The loading speed of your web page can slow down because of the presence of larger pictures in it. So, here it becomes necessary for you to optimize the pictures and for that purpose, you can take the help of responsive image techniques.

Using alt text in the descriptive form

Some users are unable to view pictures on web pages. So, for improving the accessibility, using alt text for images will be a good idea. You can also hire a digital marketing expert to know the effect of Google images on your website.

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