Places to hangout in Bangalore


Just finished bingeing on your favourite sitcom? Already donor with work for the day? Why not get ready to head into the city? And yes, we know that the irritating traffic and rising pollution levels of Bangalore might just be enough to turn you into a homebody, but don’t let that blur out all the fun places you can explore around the city. Whether you’re into films, shopping, nature or adventure, this city’s a great place to explore your interests. If you’re tired of your regular routine cooped up in a flat on Sarjapur Road or one of the PGs in Bellandur, put on your outdoor shoes and step out into Bangalore:

1.Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Are you a plant parent? Do colourful flowers and chirping birds excite you? Then Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the one place you should definitely check out in Bangalore. Popular for its flower shows, the variety and range of flora here is truly stunning. And you just know that the adjoining lake along with the wildlife and birds is going to be a breath of fresh air in an always crowded city. What’s more – there are over 1000 species of plants here, so why not pick up a few to create your own windowsill garden and a place of respite in the city?

2. Bangalore Palace

Have you been binging on the latest season of The Crown, wondering what it would be like to be a member of the Royalty? Visit the Bangalore Palace and feel like one. The Bangalore Palace was built over a period of four years beginning in 1874 and is spread over a vast 454 acre plot. This gorgeous palace has a combination of Neo-classical, Edwardian and Victorian style furniture and Tudor Revival style of architecture. Complete with exquisitely decorated rooms, pristine gardens, wooden carvings, paintings and a swimming pool, the Bangalore Palace is a royal delight. Feel like the queen or king that you are and put the palace at the top of your list.

3. Bannerghatta National Park

Founded in 1970, Bannerghatta National Park is a popular destination in Bangalore, especially for animal lovers. You can visit the place to see animals, fish, butterflies and even a large group of rescue pets. If that’s too tame, there’s also a snake house and safari park for you to explore. All the adventure lovers can head to the Park for a trek and even take a guided bus tour. Get ready to spot a wide variety of lions, peacocks, leopards, zebras, crocodiles, and bears here. Now that’s what we call an exciting weekend!

4. Wonderla Amusement Park

We hate roller coaster rides. And we stay away from anything that says gravity-defying. That’s why we don’t go to Wonderla Amusement Park – it specializes in such ‘scary’ and ‘thrilling’ activities that we would rather avoid. But if screaming out to your heart’s content on amusement park rides is your happy place, we won’t say anything more. And once you are done, you can find us lazing around in a wave pool or munching popcorns as we catch some 3D cinema.

5. Innovative Film City

If you’ve had a fill of your Netflix shows, go behind the scenes with a tour at the Innovative Film City. A brochure for the place mentions quite a few fun options: Tribal Museum, Mirror Maze, a 3D photo gallery, Fossil Museum and a Dino Park. Oh if you want a taste of reality TV, there is the Bigg Boss House you can check out. And how can a place be called a film city if it didn’t have enough exciting corners for a fun photoshoot?

6. Commercial Street

How could we think about things to do in the city and not include shopping? A shopaholic’s dream land, Commercial Street is the perfect place in Bangalore for all your needs. Find budget-friendly clothing, footwear and accessories for every occasion here. It’s not just your feet (and wallet) you can exercise here – polish your bargaining skills as well, and get the best deal on that perfect pair of shoes.

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Heading out or staying in: Bangalore has you covered.