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Parental Rights Termination Causes By Adoption Attorney Atlanta

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Adopting a child is a long process that involves several steps. Skipping even a single one of the stage will mean that the whole process will come to a halt or you have to start all over again.               

Ways Used For Parental Rights Termination

You must know the ways by which the rights of the parents are terminated towards the child you want to adopt. If you don’t have the written proof that the birth parents have given up their rights then the process of adoption will not be complete.

Parents Give Their Rights Willingly

There can be many reasons for the willful termination of rights by the parents and especially the mother. The pregnancy she is undergoing was not planned. She is not ready to take the responsibility of a child just yet. So in these cases, she willingly gives up every right of the baby.

Court Takes The Privilege By Force

The circumstances under which the privileges of the parents are taken are different. The causes of this situation will be discussed below in detail. But one thing is clear that when the court sees that the child is suffering; the immediate elimination of rights goes underway.

Adoption Attorney Atlanta Explains Termination Of Rights

Best Adoption Attorney In Atlanta Georgia explains that when the parents are not able to take care of their child; whatever the reason may be then the court will terminate the rights of the parent towards the child.

Neglect In Caring For The Child

People think that neglecting a child only means not providing him/ her with the things needed. But neglect has a wider perspective in which not giving time to the child is also neglect. If the parent is not giving the child proper time as well as the basic needs then ending the rights is inevitable.

Mental And Physical Abuse

Another reason that adoption attorneys including Tom Tebeau give for the termination of rights is that the child is suffering from physical abuse like hitting and frequent accidents of which reasons can’t be explained. Also, the child is given mental torture is the form of making him/ her scared and threatened.

Sexual Abuse Becomes Routine

Sexual abuse is the worst of all reasons for the termination of parental rights. Also in most instances, this abuse is not reported. But when it is reported and evidence also points in the same direction; then without delay, the rights are terminated.

The Child Has Been Abandoned

There is nothing scarier for a child to be left on a roadside or outside a church all alone and especially at night. This also comes under the category of neglect, but the severity is intense. Sometimes the child runs away from the home because of many reasons; this also comes under the category of abandoned.

Mental Illness Has Prolonged

Many times one of the parents is suffering from a severe mental illness that has prolonged and is now out of control. In this situation, the parent is threatening to the child. Many of the mental illnesses don’t make the person violent, but if the parent is suffering from rare cases then the parental rights are taken away.

Either Parent Are Physically Disabled

It becomes extremely difficult for the parent who is physically disabled to take good care of the child and especially if he/ she is a toddler or young child.

Alcohol And Drug Use

One of the many reasons for physically abusing the child is that the parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The capital time

The Parent Has Committed Serious Crimes

Another reason for the termination of parental rights according to Adoption Attorney Atlanta is that the parent has committed severe crimes or is the jail for some serious offence against the law.

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